Pooper Scooper Software

Your pooper scooper business needs to stay flexible and organized. Become more efficient with our pooper scooper business software.

What is pooper scooper software?

Pooper scooper software helps you run your business more efficiently with features such as scheduling, dispatching, reporting, invoicing, and more.

Pooper Scooper Scheduling

Get to your jobs on time, every time. Use our drag-and-drop calendar to easily adjust poop scooping schedules throughout the day.

Pooper Scooper Job Management

Give your pooper scooper crew everything they need in one place. Access customer information and keep track of your pooper scooper business activity.


WorkWave Service is allowing me to better position myself for future growth and is greatly improving current operations."

- Jeff Bromley, The Lawn & Landscape Company of Cape Cod

Pooper Scooper Mobile App

Gain complete visibility into your poop scooping business. View work order progress and job status in real-time.

Pooper Scooper Billing & Invoicing

Manage your cash flow and get paid faster. Easily invoice all of your appointments in just a few clicks with our pooper scooper billing software.

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Pooper Scooper Software

Running a pooper scooper business requires operational efficiency. WorkWave’s pooper scooper software can help your business become more efficient and grow revenue.

WorkWave Service

Perfect for businesses who are looking to maximize their service delivery, in one, easy-to-manage solution.

  • Streamline operations and improve the productivity of your back office and mobile technicians with one, easy-to-use solution
  • Easily manage customers, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing
  • Increase revenues by over 20%
  • Double workforce production and be up and running within a day – meaning no lags impacting your daily workload

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What are the benefits of pooper scooper software?

Pooper scooper software enables you to:

  • Plan projects, create advanced proposals, and track your equipment and supplies
  • Get instant visibility into jobs and technicians in the field—without interruption
  • Automate dispatching and schedule more jobs
  • Improve customer management and communication
  • Increase marketing and lead generation to increase sales
  • Gain complete insight into business’s data and customer feedback

Yes. WorkWave Service has a mobile app for your pooper scooper business that allows you to:

  • Gives your field team customer information and service history at their fingertips
  • View work order progress in the field from anywhere you are
  • Capture photos for internal use and for customer reports
  • Add services and products to work orders as field staff up-sells while on the job
  • Capture signatures on services as required
  • Collect payments for current work and open account balances
  • Send service reports to customers upon job completion


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