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For Your Plumbing & Electrical Needs

When it comes to operational efficiency, commercial and residential service providers need flexible and adaptable systems that improve operations for both their back-office and mobile technicians.


With WorkWave’s solutions utilized by plumbing and electrical companies of all sizes and specialties nationwide, WorkWave has accumulated in-depth knowledge to the common pain points plaguing most businesses operating in this market; and by extension equipped each with the tools to power through each obstacle.

Lack of Visibility

Disconnected workforce between back office, technicians and managers.

Inefficient Dispatching

Inconsistent job execution leading to a strained workforce and frustrated customer relations.

Limited Solution

New opportunities are lost or made extremely difficult due to a software that cannot handle the demands.

Lost Sales

Unprepared technicians unable to best execute cross-sell and upsell in the field.

How WorkWave Can Solve Your Problems

Wasting time with the typical trial-and-error process of trying to work around rigid programs is no longer necessary.
Gain Valuable Insight

Grant vital visibility to your back officer and customers with real-time insights into field operations when it comes to job statuses, as well as technician and vehicle locations.

Streamline Services & Scheduling

Optimize operations with one complete, end-to-end solutions that improves back office and crew productivity while eliminating unnecessary programs and clicks to accomplish tasks.

Prepare for the Future

Account for company growth by adopting one, flexible solution that will scale to any business need; both current and future.

Cultivate Deals in the Field

Power your sales initiatives with key tools to increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities in the field.

For plumbing and electrical companies balancing complex schedules, a demanding customer base, and a fleet of crews and technicians, streamlined operations are only a click away!

MSI Services

"This software has helped me keep my sanity. It has helped me schedule our service techs’ routes more efficiently and respond to business problems quicker."

- Cheryl Brown

Electrician & Plumber

No matter where businesses are in their developmental cycle, from small one-man operations to large enterprise-level operations, WorkWave has industry-leading software solutions with the flexibility and power to address any business need or goal.

WorkWave Service

For plumbing and electrical businesses looking to maximize service delivery, in one, easy-to-manage solution.

  • Streamline operations to improve productivity
  • Easily manage customers, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing
  • Increase revenues by over 20%
  • Double workforce production
  • Be up and running within a day!
WorkWave ServMan

Robust ERP system to help residential and mechanical contractors manage daily operations in one, end-to-end solution.

  • Amplify workforce productivity
  • Convert more onsite upsell opportunities
  • Complete insight into financials, inventory, job costing, and KPI reports
  • Fully customizable

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Experience scalable, cloud-based software solutions that can support every stage of your business.


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What is plumbing software?

Plumbing Service Software helps increases profitability and deliver a more engaging customer experience for your Plumbing Business. From scheduling and dispatching to billing and invoicing, to increasing mobile field worker productivity, Plumbing Contractor software reduces inefficiencies and gives plumbing businesses the tools to improve their service delivery.

Plumbing service software enables you to:

  • Plan projects, create advanced proposals and track your equipment and supplies
  • Get instant visibility into jobs and technicians in the field - without interruption
  • Automate dispatching and schedule more jobs
  • Improve customer management and communication
  • Increase marketing and lead generation, to increase sales
  • Gain complete insight into business’s data and customer feedback

Yes. WorkWave Service has a mobile app which allows you to:

  • Gives your field team customer information and service history at their fingertips
  • View work order progress in the field from anywhere you are
  • Capture photos for internal use and for customer reports
  • Add services and products to work orders as field staff up-sells while on the job
  • Capture signatures on services as required
  • Collect payments for current work and open account balances
  • Send service reports to customers upon job completion