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WorkWave ServMan is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that’s designed specifically for field service enterprise businesses. ServMan is built to meet your unique current demands and grow along with you as your goals and needs evolve. With both desktop and mobile applications, ServMan is everywhere that you need it to be.

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Proposal Processes to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Make marketing easy with ServMan’s many sales tools. With intuitive quote and proposal tools built right in, it’s easy to connect with potential customers and shorten the length of your sales cycle to start closing deals and bringing in more revenue.

Enterprise service sales software

Build Your Customer Base

With a customer relationship management (CRM) system that improves business relations and allows you to better adapt to a client’s specific needs, ServMan helps you to bring on new clients and satisfy current clients. Automated client communication ensures that you can keep your customers informed while also saving time.

Enterprise CRM software

Take Wasted Time Out of the Equation

By taking advantage of intelligent, capacity-based scheduling, you can optimize your technicians’ schedules and get more done with the same manpower. Better yet, the system is entirely scalable to fit your business’s needs at every stage.

Enterprise service scheduling software

Keep Your Team Constantly Connected

While most ERP software is designed to work only in a desktop setting, ServMan is accessible by personal computer, tablet, or smartphone to keep you in control—with or without an internet connection. By allowing you to connect from anywhere, ServMan allows you to share routes, schedules, and more with your entire team.

Enterprise service mobile software

Own Every Step of Long-Term Projects

However your business operates, ServMan has the tools you need to make your day-to-day project management processes more efficient. With our project management functionality, even recurring maintenance and lengthy ongoing projects are easy to keep under control so your whole team is on the same page.

Enterprise project management software

Streamlined Material Tracking in Real-Time

A comprehensive, user-friendly inventory and material tracking system allows ServMan to help your company minimize wasted resources. The flexible nature of the software allows you to customize fields and controls, enabling inventory automation to streamline your inventory management process to boost productivity.

Enterprise service inventory management software

A Fully Integrated Accounting System

ServMan streamlines your accounting processes with integrated credit card and eCheck processing and advanced purchasing features. Tracking your company’s finances is clear and simple so nothing slips between the cracks. Allow your customers to pay invoices online via their mobile devices for even more efficient collections.

Enterprise service accounting software

Easily Monitor KPIs to Focus on Better Performance

Nearly every feature of ServMan includes advanced, easy-to-read reports that summarize your business performance. With easy access to KPIs, you can identify trends and make educated business decisions that keep your business growing and constantly moving toward your full potential.

Enterprise reporting software

A Tool for Every Task

Your field service business is infinitely unique, and our range of additional modules allows you to tailor ServMan to fit your existing tasks and processes. Wherever you’re looking to enhance your efficiency, ServMan can provide a module to improve your process.

Enterprise service software modules

ServMan is the only service enterprise software that can adapt and scale to any size business, and it has the ability to customize to exactly how you want it. After 16 years, we have not outgrown any area of the software; that’s just incredible."

– Patrick Conforti, Owner, Air Group, LLC

Adaptable ERP software that drives increased revenue and efficiency

Proprietary integrated development environment fits unique workflows

Add new functionality and controls without modifying the ServMan Core

Complete insight into financials, inventory, job costing, and KPI reports

Create your own user-defined tables and interface with third-party apps

Enterprise service software

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.

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