Plan Food Delivery Routes:
Drive Productivity with WorkWave ® Route Manager

Enhance Your Operations with a Dispatch Software Made for Meal Delivery Businesses

Solve complex delivery challenges - plan around time-windows, traffic jams, and last minute requests

Improve profitability and ensure accuracy by building accurate plans that increase productivity by 30%

Keep an eye on performance with real-time visibility and improved communication between drivers

Customer Success Story

Customer: Marleen Kookt

Number of Daily Stops: 500+

Business Challenge: Marleen kookt, an on-demand meal delivery business, delivers fresh, quality meals on e-cargo bicycle. When they first opened in 2011 they planned routes manually, but as they grew it wasn’t feasible to keep up with the growth. Since their business caters to honoring 30 minute time-windows, they needed to improve their operations with a flexible, powerful route planning solution that would keep their delivery team on time.

Why WorkWave: “We can measure how accurate our plans are...and even better our drivers are getting there on time and they are getting done faster.” - Joris Keijzer, co-founder, Marleen kookt

Results: Marleen kookt boasts impressive growth of nearly 100% year over year for over four years.

Survey Says:

of Operations Managers
rank route planning as their
biggest challenge

* Results based on a 2016 WorkWave survey.

With WorkWave Route Manager you can:

  •  Prepare for daily shipping activities in the click of a button

  •  Monitor shift operations and manage drivers in real time

  •  Create realistic routes that keep drivers happy

  •  Implement new processes to achieve maximum efficiency and meet daily targets

  •  Optimize your routes based on customer requests and costs

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