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WorkWave Route Manager Analytics Dashboard

Deliver Value and Drive Efficiency

Identify where your fleet is succeeding and where you may be underperforming so that you can adjust your routes and generate powerful results.

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Access Metrics to Help Improve 
Your Fleet’s Performance

  • Fleet usage overview
  • Order completion
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Scheduled time
  • Time spent at stops
  • Deviations from the plan
  • Idling
  • Delays on planned arrivals
  • Delays on reported departures

Be More Strategic

Analyze your fleet’s performance to find areas of success or gaps in your plans. Make data informed decisions to improve your team’s output.

Manage More Effectively

Identify which drivers are idling, not following 
the plan, and arriving late, etc. We’ll help you take 
the guesswork out of managing your fleet.

Grab Data On-Demand

Access your reports in one click and review your fleet’s KPIs. Spend less time crunching numbers at your desk and more time running your operations.

Share Insight with Other Teams

Share your dashboard with other teams to show growth, discuss opportunities and where you need assistance.

Who Uses WorkWave Route Manager Analytics Dashboard?

Route Planners

Review your fleet metrics to confirm where you need to make adjustments.

Operations Manager

Get a complete view of how your running - dig down into areas of opportunity.

Business Owners

Manage a more productive fleet and coach your drivers where needed.

Review Your Performance

Run your operations with confidence! Adding data and metrics to your daily workflow will help you increase efficiency, productivity and profits.You’ll save time and will be able to focus on your operations.

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Success with WorkWave

Route planning, mobile and GPS tracking combined give you the tools to succeed and unlocks your Analytics Dashboard. Learn how one customer was able to improve their business and meet customer expectations with WorkWave.

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ROI for the Win

On average Route Manager customers save 30% on fuel, time, and cost savings. Check out our ROI calculator to see what you can expect to save with our route planning solution.

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