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Build Flexible Route Plans and Stay in Control of Your Day

WorkWave® Route Manager takes the pain out of route planning and creates optimized, driver-friendly route plans in minutes. Easily fit in last-minute requests, commit to narrow time windows and fill your schedules to capacity. On-time drivers and flexible scheduling options means happier customers and more efficient operations.

Helping businesses define the last mile with a smarter route planning solution.

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Track Progress, Stay Connected and Keep Customers Informed

Today’s consumer expects instant gratification. Get real-time updates from your mobile workforce, confirm status, receive/capture pictures or signatures to simplify communication between the road and the office. You’ll be instantly alerted if routes are in jeopardy so you can quickly update customers and take action.

Review Your Performance and Improve Tomorrow’s Plans

You work hard at building the best plans for the day. But, everyday life happens and can affect the outcome. WorkWave Route Manager can help you identify bumps in the road with access to the Analytics Dashboard. You can compare planned vs. actual data and access key metrics to improve results.

Reduce Drive Time by 32%

More Time With Customers

Less Time on the Road

Route Planning Software + Instant GPS Tracking

Locate your vehicles in real-time or pull a historical report for location confirmation. WorkWave Route Manager with GPS integration gives you complete visibility on your assets and provides a breadcrumb trail with a turn-by-turn view. Add the extra layer of GPS tracking then compare planned vs. actual routes. WorkWave Route Manager builds your routes; GPS helps you get the answers to how they were executed.

Maximize Your Resources with a Better Route Optimization Solution

Get Back Time in Your Day

Automate daily, weekly or monthly route plans in minutes (not hours). Relax, all of your constraints and settings will be factored into your optimized plans and you can focus on what matters to you.

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Satisfy Customers and Drivers

Better routes mean that everyone is happy. The focus can be put on customer service - your call volume will decrease - and your job is made easier!

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Grow and Scale Your Business

Start utilizing your assets to capacity, expand service to new areas and commit to competitive time windows all while exceeding your customers’ expectations with WorkWave Route Manager.

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WorkWave Route Manager with GPS integration gives you complete visibility on your vehicles from one screen. With the added benefits of historical reporting, driver behavior scoring and in-cab buzzer alerts you can increase safety and efficiency for your drivers with little effort. WorkWave offers flexible contracts, affordable devices and unbeatable service - route planning with GPS is a win-win.

Over 30 Years of Proven Experience

For the past 30 years, WorkWave has been providing businesses owners with the tools they need to run an efficient business. We help you stay connected to your mobile workforce, while freeing up your time to focus on what matters most to you.

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