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Small Business GPS Tracking Software

WorkWave GPS supports small business owners who need to stay connected and track vehicles. With GPS tracking, you can hold drivers accountable and protect your business assets.

Mid-Sized Fleet Tracking Software

Have location data at your fingertips and no longer burden or distract your drivers with calls for ETA’s. You can effectively communicate real-time GPS locations to prepare them for your employee’s arrival – improving your service level and making your customers happy.

GPS Tracking Software

Driver Behavior

Improve driver safety and reduce costs. Receive notifications on speeding, harsh breaking, and excessive idling. In-cab buzzers and driver score cards help improve performance. Identifying aggressive driving will help you lower fuel and vehicle maintenance costs while keeping your drivers & others safe on the road.

GPS Tracking

Whether you need to monitor a small or large fleet, – WorkWave GPS always ensures that you have reliable, real time data that shows you where your assets are. Set custom alerts or login to the dashboard and remain in control.

GPS Activity Reports

GPS Activity Reports

Easily access reports like location history or vehicle activity that can potentially solve billing disputes, confirm services, and protect your business. Export reports on the fly or schedule daily reports to make it easier for you to supervise drivers.

Instant Alerts

Have the ability to receive instant alerts when designated events take place. Get updates on undesired driver habits or when drivers go outside of a defined geofence. Notifications are immediately sent via text and email, prompting you to take action.

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