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Manage and Close New Leads to Grow Your Business. WorkWave Marketing Sales Center is designed to help pest control operators create structure for their sales processes that provides efficiencies in the way they capture, manage, and close leads to increase productivity to drive more sales and revenue.

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Grow Your Business
Capture Your Leads

Without having a clear process in place to follow, the sales process can become disorganized and cumbersome. WorkWave’s Sales Center enables you to transform your sales processes into a more structured and efficient workflow that enables you to grow your business more profitably.

Manage Your Leads From First Visit to Recurring Service

Grow your business by efficiently capturing, managing and closing leads in a structured way that increases productivity to take on more business and drives more revenue.

Drive New Sales

  • Simplify the capture of new leads
  • Organize and segment leads for sales
  • View and manage current and future opportunities
Sales Center leads
Sales Center lead details

Improve Profitability

  • One system to manage all your leads
  • View your leads and opportunities through unique views
  • Integrate with PestPac to streamline processes

Boost Customer Satisfaction

  • Create new proposals and digital contracts in the field for a better customer experience.
  • Provide contactless interactions for sign-off
  • Capture payments before going on site
Customer review dashboard

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