Enterprise Scheduling Software

Resource planning tools to ensure efficient use of your workforce

Enterprise service scheduling software

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Intelligent Scheduling
For Improved Efficiency

ServMan’s automatic and capacity-based scheduling models offer tremendous resource planning power to help you maximize your efficiency and make the most of your workforce.

Scheduling Options That Work for You

By using a complex algorithm alongside your own user-defined rules, the ServMan Auto-Schedule tool allows you to promote consistency in your scheduling while also ensuring that work orders are assigned to the best technician for the job.

Auto Schedule

  • Schedules work to appropriate technician without the need to consult a dispatch board
  • Factors in anticipated duration of call, needed skill level, zone restrictions, preferred service windows, and more
  • Factors in the distance from a tech’s prior job to the new job, or from real-time GPS location if available
  • Allows for user-configurable parameters

Capacity-Based Scheduling

  • Orders are initially assigned to a day and service window based on your specifications, rather than a specific technician
  • Calls are held in a reserved and unassigned queue where they are then managed by your dispatchers and assigned to specific technicians
  • Capacity is automatically computed based on your employee schedules, skill sets, and service windows
  • Scalable as your business grows to accommodate multiple branches, regions, skill sets, and more


  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Customize views in the Unscheduled Orders, Employee Schedules, and Priority Information Monitor panes
  • Call Escalation supports multi-colored flash codes, pop-up notifications, or emails for orders that require attention
  • Real-time status changes from ServMan Mobile devices in the field
  • User-definable areas for custom controls on the Dispatch Board
  • Auto-log time to work order with status changes

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