Project Management

Easily track job costs to increase your profitability on every project

Enterprise project management software

Click through the flowchart below to see how WorkWave ServMan drives profitability across every stage of your business.

Project Management Tools
That Fit Your Day-to-Day

ServMan understands that each business has unique day-to-day operational practices. To make a perfect fit, ServMan offers an array of standard project management functions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

There to Help You Manage the Big Jobs

Managing installation projects and other lengthy jobs is an important business requirement for your service business. One of the core concepts within ServMan is the ability to create a job that functions as a virtual container for all information related to a specific project.

Preventive Maintenance Contract Management

  • Customizable price groups and plans allow variable pricing on contracts
  • Powerful deferred revenue management tools that adhere to IRS ASC606 contract revenue recognition rules
  • Choose to recognize revenue at the time of sale or renewal, or defer recognition at scheduled intervals or when visits are completed
  • Ask customers to schedule their maintenance visit, remind them of scheduled appointments, and notify them when a tech is en route

Billing, Cost Management, and Change Order Management

  • Progress or milestone billing, AIA billing, retainage management, work in progress accounting, and revenue recognition options
  • Invoice materials directly, post materials as they are consumed, or post project purchases directly to cost
  • Labor can be logged directly to jobs or to work orders linked to the project from ServMan Mobile or from the back office
  • Easy change order management and tracking for your projects, from estimating to implementation

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.

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