Inventory Management

Powerful Inventory Management to Track Multiple Warehouse, Truck, and Job-Site Inventories

Enterprise service inventory management software

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Material Tracking

With customizable inventory management features, you can automate your inventory tracking processes to maximize your efficiency and reduce wasted time and resources. This comprehensive range of features, all of which are available in one easy-to-use application, are accessible via personal computer or mobile device so that your team can track inventory in real-time.

Make Inventory Tracking a Seamless Process

With real-time material tracking and the ability to automate order placement, ServMan’s inventory tracking tool allows you to ensure you always have the materials you need on hand while eliminating unnecessary ordering and expenses.

Automate the Inventory System

  • Use customizable fields to personalize the ServMan inventory management system to meet the exact needs of your business
  • Maximize your team’s productivity and minimize the amount of time spent processing paperwork and invoices
  • Easy access to key data enables order automation that suits your preferences
  • Access current, past, and prospective inventory via the inventory and purchasing management system on any of your devices
Enterprise inventory automation software

Operate More Efficiently by Staying Aware of Upcoming Needs

  • Easily check on inventory whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you and remove guesswork from the equation
  • Keep inventory organized and well-managed at all times. As your needs change, confirm or reject both manual and automated purchase orders
  • When inventory patterns begin to shift, quickly and easily adjust ordering parameters to maintain the resources you need on hand

Reduce Expenses by Eliminating Wasted Inventory

  • Manage purchases via manual systems or an automated process to assess your inventory needs and purchase prices, adjusting accordingly
  • Shift your purchasing parameters as needed to eliminate the costs associated with wasted inventory
  • Utilize ServMan’s customizable features to quickly and easily make adjustments that minimize unnecessary spending to improve your profits

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