Additional ServMan Modules

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Enterprise service software modules

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Additional Modules to Help
Streamline Every Process

Every business is unique, which is why ServMan provides a wide array of available modules. By allowing you to easily tailor the interface to meet your specific needs, ServMan enables you to maximize efficiency at every stage of your business life cycle so that your entire team can get more done, leave your customers satisfied, and boost your profits.

Tailor ServMan to Fit Your Business

In addition to ServMan’s powerful core functionality, additional modules allow you to easily integrate additional features to meet the demands of your business and industry. These modules make ServMan as versatile as you need it to be.

Call Tracking Module

  • Automatically track all incoming calls
  • Monitor call volume, topics, and outcomes
  • Strengthen your understanding of how customers view your business
Enterprise call tracking software

Call Escalation Module

  • Heighten attention paid to scheduled and unscheduled orders and quotes
  • Establish user-configured call escalation rules
  • Automated screen flashes on the schedule board or email notifications
  • Stay aware of employee habits to continue improving your service

Customer Surveys

  • Set surveys to be set automatically when service is completed or send a survey with a click in the ServMan dashboard
  • All results are automatically databased
  • Results are easily viewed at the client, order, or technician level for evaluations and coaching
  • Track customer satisfaction to ensure your business is always moving toward its full potential
Enterprise customer survey management

Wireless Warehouse Module

  • Optimize warehouse efficiency using barcode technology for transactions
  • Streamlined processing of Purchase Order Receipts
  • Partial and complete shipping of orders (Post Picking)
  • Returning items to stock and warehouse transfers of inventory
  • Eliminate wasted time and maximize your productivity
  • Works with Android, iOS, or any other barcode scanning device type

Time Clock & Payroll Module

  • Clock in and out via keyboard adaptor, dispatch board, or mobile device
  • Employee Time Clock Audits and Totals
  • Missing Time Clock Punches
  • Standard Payroll Edit Report
  • Produce gross payroll reports including commission calculations, spiffs, piece rates, and pay types such as vacation, sick time, and overtime
  • Transmit gross payroll data to payroll services like ADP to automate and simplify your payroll processing
Enterprise payroll management
Enterprise GPS tracking software

RouteManager GPS by WorkWave

  • Powerful, fully integrated GPS solution that allows you to track driver and vehicle locations
  • See assigned orders, order statuses, and more via a map interface with a click in ServMan
  • Limit calls to your drivers and locate your vehicles in real-time
  • Access locations immediately from the dispatch board, view bread-crumb trails, or pull a historical report
  • Make better judgement calls with real-time GPS tracking data
  • Gain 24/7 visibility into your assets and increase driver accountability

ServMan Electronic Data
Interchange (EDI)

  • Set surveys to be set automatically when service is completed
    or send a survey with a click in the ServMan dashboard
  • Uses industry standard transaction code sets
  • Virtually eliminates manual data entry errors
  • Streamlines the supply chain transaction process
  • Supports 850 Purchase Order, 810 Invoice, 997 Receipt

Cloud-Based Hosting Services

  • Benefit from Amazon Web Services’ 10+ years of cloud storage expertise
  • Servers are managed, maintained, upgraded and backed up to ensure flexibility and scalability
  • Advanced security measures and backups ensure your data is always protected

Slingshot Comprehensive Sales & Answering Service

  • Agents available 24/7, after-hours and overflow support
  • Keep up with seasonal demands without additional staff
  • API Integration helps streamline back office operations
  • Provide customers and prospects with first contact resolution
  • Never miss a lead again!
Enterprise call tracking software

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