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Faster, Smarter Routing for Field Service Companies

Help your field service business use time more wisely and profitably with WorkWave Service’s Route Optimization.

WorkWave Service RouteOp leads the market in route planning and optimization. Our proprietary field services routing solution calculates the most optimal routes and then instantly creates schedules that satisfy customer preferences, tech and crew capacity, recurring jobs, and new orders. We remove the guesswork so you can rest assured you’ve planned the most efficient routes to get the maximum number of jobs completed while driving the shortest distances.

By automating routes, your office and field workers will be more productive, spending less time planning and more time doing!

Filling technician and crew idle time with automated route planning can help you grow your business using your existing people. With your office time not spent route planning, you can focus more on serving customers and bringing in new business.

Smarter routing also means lower vehicle mileage, maintenance costs and fuel consumption, another boost to your bottom line.

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Plan Field Service Routes in a Few Easy Steps!

Plan and see routes by day, week, technician and crew. Dynamically update and change schedules easily when weather or field worker capacity dictates.

It’s easy to use WorkWave Service RouteOp:

  1. Input customer address, preferences and service schedule frequency
  2. RouteOp automatically determines optimal routes and shows all options
  3. You select the best option for you and your customer
  4. RouteOp adds the job to your appointment calendar

As customer preferences are updated, new work is added, or field worker availability changes, WorkWave RouteOp continually assesses the routes and ensures you are presented with the most optimum schedule.

From your appointment calendar or dispatch board, WorkWave Service Route Op highlights the drive and idle times between appointments, giving you a complete view of each route so you know if you can squeeze in any on-demand appointments or added services. You’ll also be presented with the expected revenue per route, allowing you to immediately see the revenue impact of route optimization for field service.

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Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Rescheduling for any reason is a hassle, but RouteOp removes the stress by helping you reschedule entire routes and avoid scheduling conflicts to keep your customers satisfied.

WorkWave RouteOp will find a solution for you in seconds, so you can reschedule appointments and re-assign work to a different crew or employee knowing that you're making the smartest business decisions while keeping your customers happy.

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