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Not only does WorkWave® Service integrate with marketing tools, providing you with a truly all-in-one platform, WorkWave Marketing is also available as a service to help you acquire new customers online.

Capture Customer Feedback

Customer relationships and feedback are one of the most crucial elements to your business.

What if you could get instant feedback from your customers as soon as their service was completed?

With WorkWave Service, you can.

WorkWave Reviews is an intuitive customer feedback tool that helps you build your brand, showcase positive reviews and quickly respond to any negative reviews.

Once a service order is marked as completed, the customer will automatically receive an e-mail asking them for a review. Once the customer leaves the review, a business owner or manager will be prompted to view it.

From there, feedback can either be displayed publicly or responded to swiftly if there has been a bad experience, allowing you to nurture and showcase your customer relationships.

Acquire New Customers Online

WorkWave Marketing is a division of WorkWave that offers marketing services, such as website design, SEO, SEM and more.

WorkWave Marketing allows the right customers to find you by providing you with professionally designed websites that convert leads, helping you establish your digital identity and gain a competitive edge through digital marketing.

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