WorkWave Service Reports: Assessing Field Performance

Many field service companies measure their success by their profitability. Although this pragmatic approach helps assess the current health of your business, it does not provide a complete picture. Some companies enjoy short term profitability only to discover that they have been providing inadequate services or a subpar customer experience. True longevity is based upon how your business can repeatedly and consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. WorkWave Service Reports provide businesses with the ability to gather feedback on current performance and customer satisfaction levels. This constructive feedback ensures that you are continually focusing on improving your service level, not just your bottom-line.

Gather Honest Feedback

Eliminate the guesswork. Customers can be your biggest critics but more importantly, they can also be your biggest advocates. Proactively gathering customer feedback provides your business with an unbiased view into the performance of your mobile team, crew, and field technicians; from the voice that matters most, the customer. Automatically send surveys as soon as jobs are completed to gather the most up-to-date feedback. And because WorkWave Service Reports are designed with the customer in mind, there is no log-in or set-up process required. Customers can easily submit their feedback directly from computers, smartphones, or tablets; ensuring you receive a high level of participation.

Analyze and Improve

Turn feedback into actionable data. Assess what services are exceeding customer expectations, and which service offerings are falling short. Rate employee performance levels. Reward and retain the top performers within the company. Identify who may be falling short, then provide the additional training and coaching needed for improvement. Quickly identify at-risk customers and implement plans to overcome their issues, before losing their business altogether. Transition happy customers into testimonials, building your reputation for quality service.

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