Six Signs Your Technicians Are Ready to Go Mobile

Smartphones and tablets have reshaped our perception of what productivity truly means. As society has become ultra-reliant on using these devices to improve how we communicate, learn, and navigate our personal lives – companies have begun leveraging these technologies to improve efficiencies within their organizations. No longer should we think of our devices as a means to exclusively enrich our personal lives, but as a catalyst to change how we think, feel, and work.

It’s possible you are reading this and have already considered if/how mobile solutions could influence your business. Perhaps you did not see the value at first glance. It’s possible you were unsure how to properly introduce mobile tools to your workers. Or maybe you have subscribed to the misnomer that mobile technology is complex, sophisticated, and applicable only for ‘big business.’ Truth be told, companies both large and small are employing mobility as a critical means to improve their field service businesses and unify operations.

Chances are, your technicians are ready to go mobile. Don’t believe us? Just keep keep an eye out for these telltale signs:

  1. Your technicians can’t unplug: When on location, technicians are constantly asked to provide status updates on the progress of jobs, causing unnecessary interruptions that do not exist with automated solutions.
  2. Technicians are office dependent: Technicians are required to routinely stop by the office to drop off paperwork necessary for updating, closing, and completing customer files and work orders – contributing to unproductive time away from the field.
  3. Need for up-to-the-minute information: The inability to capture data in the field forces technicians to resort to archaic ways of working. Technicians cannot accurately record when jobs start, finish, or their duration. Inability for technicians to input real-time data from mobile devices contributes to duplication of efforts and double data entry.
  4. Limited visibility: Historical customer information and work orders live in the office, without any ability for technicians to access critical data while in the field.
  5. Inaccuracies in information: Technicians and unable to update customer files immediately when closing a work order, to ensure content is always accurate.
  6. Cash flow process needs improving: The inability to accept deposits or payments on proposals or services directly in the field is lengthening the Accounts Receivable cycle, putting a strain on payroll and future investments in equipment/parts.

If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs within your business it’s time to make a change. WorkWave Service is an end-to-end field service solution providing the tools to drive business productivity, while enabling your mobile workforce to operate more efficiently.

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