Can Field Services and Last Mile Compete in an On-Demand World?

While “on-demand” may not yet be a household phrase, the concept of getting goods and services on very short notice has become the expected norm among today’s consumers. Just take a look at Amazon’s heartwarming TV ads featuring children, dogs and mini-horses to promote its Prime and Prime Now offerings. A promise has been made not only for quick delivery—but for emotional needs to be met by getting the things we want really fast.

When dealing with suppliers of both products and services, people now want personal interaction, instant gratification and visibility into each stage of delivery.  Easy enough for small, localized vendors, but not so much for businesses providing a wide range of products and services to a large and varied customer universe.

In his white paper How Field Services and Last Mile Delivery Can Win in an On-Demand World, Chris Sullens, WorkWave’s president and CEO tells field services and last mile delivery companies how they can efficiently and profitably meet and exceed today’s customer expectations by using the right tools, technologies and data.

Download the white paper now.

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