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Driver and Small Fleet GPS Tracking

Protect Your Drivers & Vehicles
GPS Tracking Devices

Improve your business’s productivity with an easy and affordable fleet in-vehicle GPS tracking solution. After simple device installation, you gain fleet visibility real-time so you can protect and monitor your drivers and vehicles, improve driver safety, and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

Choose Your GPS Device

Looking for a quick small fleet GPS tracking device setup? The LMU 3030 is the right choice for you. Simply plug the device in and get up and running without a complicated setup. If you need to prevent tampering, install the LMU 2630 fleet tracking devices discreetly into your vehicle. These devices require hardwiring and will be hidden from view.

Maximize Time &

Managing a small business often leads to long days and nights, so finding ways to free up time and resources is key. With RouteManager GPS by WorkWave you can streamline communication between the road and the office, pull accurate timesheets, and instantly confirm if vehicles are at the right location at the right time.

Stay Connected

If you are working out in the field like most small business owners, you need to follow your fleet in real-time. Login to RouteManager GPS by WorkWave from any smartphone or tablet to view current activity, rewind to any date/time, or find the location of any asset. With a quick glance, you get the information you need without calling, emailing, or chasing down employees.

Your Assets

RouteManager GPS by WorkWave is a powerful tool in your back pocket and gives small businesses owners the opportunity to save on overhead costs. Here’s what real-time GPS tracking does:

  • Reduces risk of accidents, which can lead to lower insurance and workers’ comp costs
  • Increases the lifetime of your vehicles while minimizing expensive maintenance fees
  • Promotes safe driving with in-cab alerts for speeding, hard cornering, and harsh braking
  • Sends planners instant alerts to identify corrective action plans that reduce costs
  • Allows planners to double check timesheets for accuracy and curb overtime costs with GPS reports

Help Your Small Business Grow

As a small business, you need reliable and accurate GPS tracking data that will help you make smarter decisions and protect your business. With this information, you can react to last-minute requests on the fly and confirm your vehicle’s location on the go. Get back to focusing on growing your business and leave the details to RouteManager GPS by WorkWave.

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