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Plan Routes

Account for the unexpected. Avoid turning away late orders and accommodate last-minute requests without breaking a sweat.

Click through the flowchart below to see how WorkWave Route Manager optimizes operations at every stage.

Leave it to
Route Manager

Optimizing and re-optimizing routes has never been easier. With just one click WorkWave Route Manager takes into account all of the entered guidelines and rules specific to your business, and generates the most effective and efficient routes based on both the orders and customer requests. Looking for a more “manual” approach? Drag-and-drop framework allows you to plan your workday with hassle-free scheduling.

Cut the Complications

Gone are the days of frantically trying to account for late customer requests, driver call-outs, or other unavoidable instances. Avoid the chaos and quickly take action to find the best solution.

One unified system of record
Drag-and-Drop & Modifications
  • Make Adjustments if necessary
  • Approve plans
  • Commit for execution
One unified system of record
Make updates on the fly
  • Move a driver’s location pin somewhere else on the map
  • Drag appointments from one order line to another
  • Change fleet assignments
  • Push an appointment time
  • Manually make the changes and in a matter of seconds you have rerouted and can send updates
One unified system of record
Pick the right course of action for you
  • Abilities to add last minute orders
  • Effectively drag-and-drop orders to a different time within the same route, or simply move selected orders to another route
  • Easily swap entire orders to another driver, or transfer orders not yet executed from one driver to another route
  • The routing software will never break your rules for re-optimizing routes


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