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Master Your Daily
Routes With Right Software

Get a handle on the operational chaos with the industry-leading software that can do it all: WorkWave Route Manager. Balance orders with the right vehicles, schedules and routes, all while serving your customers the white-glove service they have come to expect.

Your Shortcut to Faster &

WorkWave Route Manager limits the need for manual action by simplifying daily route planning and scheduling, giving you back time in your day. Set your vehicle availability, define fixed costs and skills, and record details (like maintenance days or holidays) into your settings.

WorkWave Route Manager takes all of the information into consideration and presents the best possible routes for each driver based on distance, cost, efficiency, speed, load, skills – all while managing to your set KPI’s. The plans will never violate any constraints and can be changed as you see fit. That’s the beauty of flexible, human-friendly route planning software.

Plan Best-Fit

Upload orders via Excel/CSV doc, manually add, or sync data from your management system. Plan for one day or for the whole month and include private memos for your crew.

Drag-and-Drop &

Route schedules are automated and you need to:

  • Make Adjustments if necessary
  • Approve plans
  • Commit for execution

The multi-vehicle optimization process ensures sequences and assignments are optimal. Instantly see how many orders you can fill with the available drivers, when work will be completed, and the cost/mileage for the existing route plan.

Make updates for employees calling out sick or customer cancellations with ease:

  • Move a driver’s location pin somewhere else on the map
  • Drag appointments from one order line to another
  • Change fleet assignments
  • Push an appointment time
  • Manually make the changes and in a matter of seconds you have rerouted and can send updates

Send Approved Routes

Drivers can receive routes through the WorkWave Route Manager 360 App, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Now you can cut down on paperwork and also give yourself some wiggle room by sending up-to-the-minute schedules through the app.

Looking to take it a step further and track driver activity throughout the day?

Learn about WorkWave Route Manager 360.

Route Simulation to Answer

Get a better idea on how big or little changes can affect your bottom line. Running simulations will help identify new locations for depots or determine the number of orders you need to hire another employee.

It’s like a sandbox; create multiple scenarios in the route planning software and see how you can benefit from making tweaks to your everyday routes. When you’re confident, export the new route to operations and put it to the test.

WorkWave Route Manager automates powerful route plans to simplify your day

Make smarter decisions, stay connected to your mobile workforce, and easily deliver last mile service.

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