WorkWave Route Manager
Reseller Guidance for Usage

Co-Branded Content & Sales Enablement Tools

Our Resellers have the luxury of using content that is ready to go and able to be co-branded. All of our co-branded content allows for your logo on the top right hand corner of every page. It is also authorized with the WorkWave Route Manager partner badge at the end of each document.

Edit our pdf’s (to be able to insert your logo):

  • If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat that is ideal.
  • If you want to use a free pdf editor, try PDF Editor Online
    • To place your logo into the document
    • Go to ‘Edit’ and select
    • ‘Edit Text & Images’
    • Next, simply right click on the ‘Partner Logo Goes Here’ box and select ‘Replace Image’
    • Navigate to your logo that you’d like to use and simply click ‘Open’
Website Content

Our Resellers are provided with ready-to-go website content that contains an ‘About WorkWave’ section (with a link to our website) as well as specific information about Route Manager, including stats. This section should be accompanied with a CTA (button) that goes to a form fill on your website so that you may capture the leads!

Don’t have lead forms on your website? That’s ok. You can use many different free form creators. Wufoo (has a free version and an upgraded version available)

Reseller Deck (Slides)

Our decks are built in Google slides for convenience. In order to cobrand these decks please follow the below instructions:

  • Click on the 2nd slide within the deck (not the first, since this is the cover slide)
  • Go to View
  • Go to Master
  • Locate the ‘place logo here’ spot on the bottom and right click
  • Click on ‘replace image’
  • Upload from computer
  • Click ‘Re-apply to all’

You are done, your logo should now be on every slide, no need to save!