Measure Analytics

In business making decisions based on solid data is crucial. At any given moment, you may be asked to run a cost–benefit analysis or a report on your driver productivity. Having the right software to help you quickly pull data-driven reports can be a major benefit to you and your business’ bottom line.

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The WorkWave analytics dashboard provides an overview of your assets and orders to make informed decisions with actual data. View vehicle time and load, total number of violations on time window commitments, order distribution and more.

Planned vs. Actual Routing Comparison

In telematics, being able to analyze past routes is key. Unless you can evaluate how much the actual route deviated from planned, you risk unproductivity. The WorkWave Route Manager analytics dashboard allows dispatchers to easily see planned vs. actual routes to help make driver coaching decisions, route adjustments and fleet modifications.

Visual metrics display overview of vehicle usage and time

  • Archived overview of past operations for up to 6 months prior
  • See driver performance
  • Drill down into distinct driver data

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