Marleen Kookt Case Study


Marleen kookt

Industry: Meal Delivery

Founded: 2011

Areas Served: Amsterdam

Why WorkWave® Route Manager: “The APIs unleash a lot of functionality for our business.”

Number of Daily Stops: Over 500 stops per day

Our drivers are getting there on time and they are getting done faster!”

Marleen kookt helps customers in Amsterdam rethink “Fast Food” with on-demand gourmet food delivery by bike

Marleen kookt delivers fresh, quality meals to busy families and professionals in one of the most challenging cities to navigate. Amsterdam has over 1,000 kilometers of canals and 1,500 bridges which make same-night food delivery by van nearly impossible. This on-demand food service delights hungry customers by delivering gourmet food on porcelain dishes in a 30 minute delivery window by electric bike.

The Challenge:

“When you are route planning for a few resources it might be manageable to do it with pen and paper - but with 20+ resources it’s a real headache.”
Joris Keijzer, Co-Founder, Marleen kookt.

Marleen kookt offers customers same-night delivery between 4-8pm and wanted to provide customers with a 30-minute time window (instead of the more common 2 hour delivery window). They deliver by electric cargo bicycle as it’s the most practical way to get around Amsterdam, and they can fit 18 food orders per driver. Their focus was on quality food and quality service that’s good for the environment, but the logistics of planning between 20-25 drivers on the road every night was becoming increasingly hard to juggle and figure out.

The Solution

Marleen kookt uses Route Manager’s custom Bike Profile giving them visibility into pathways and routes that only a bike can travel. Routing is optimized in minutes and bikes can be loaded and out for delivery faster. Route Manager’s APIs unlock the ability to share more information so they can see how each route is progressing, how many bikes are on deliveries, and where the last stop was in order to plan for late shifts

The Results

Marleen kookt is a fast-growing company in a fast-growing city. As more families and businesses move into the city, Marleen kookt anticipates greater demand for its high quality, fresh meal delivery service. Route Manager helps Marleen kookt get more drivers out delivering the fastest routes in the shortest time. Everything they do is driven by quality - from food to service, and Route Manager helps keep them in touch with customers if there’s an unexpected delay: “If a bicycle gets a flat tire or a gear breaks we can bring them a new bike and react in real-time to respond. We have an early warning system if our drivers are behind.”

Route Manager takes away the friction and smoothes both the execution and the planning process. Customers and drivers are both happy with the flexibility and reliability. “We are flexible, and people like working for a company that is focused on quality.”

Marleen kookt is growing nearly 100% year over year for the last 4 years, delivering over 500 meals a day now.

Manually route planning was not feasible. It was too much to do! ...and it became impossible when juggling 4:15-4:45 and 4:30-5:00 (30-minute time windows).”

Before WorkWave:

Manually route planning

Challenging to deliver on-time

No visibility on driver status

After WorkWave:

Automate route plans in minutes

Accepting orders up until “last-call”

Real-time updates with GPS tracking via smartphone

Route Manager Feature: Custom Profiles

Whether you are delivering on electric cargo bike or on foot, your business requires a route planning solution that can account for special characteristics like speed, load capacities, and mileage without exceeding limitations. WorkWave Route Manager is flexible for your business and allows for this level of detail to be built right into your route plans, always providing you the most optimal route based on your settings!

WorkWave Route Manager Vehicle Profiles Include:

Bike: We’ll build routes that consider bicycle limitations and take you on pathways that only a bicycle could travel. This profile obeys laws for bicycles and accounts for average speeds.

Heavy Truck: Your route plans will be adjusted based on speed, height, weight, and width. With this profile you will never be directed towards a bridge that your truck can’t fit under.

Walking: Delivering on foot requires a downgraded speed. Route Manager will also account for traveling through pedestrian pathways, like a park, but only if it is quicker!

Custom: Do you have special measurements or unique requirements for your fleet? You can tell Route Manager and set-up a custom profile based on your fleet's specific needs.

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