Customer Notifications

Customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been. With RouteManager 360 by WorkWave, you can enhance your customer experience by providing real time updates about the status of their order.

Click through the flowchart below to see how RouteManager by WorkWave optimizes operations at every stage.

Keep Your
Customers Informed

Improve customer satisfaction by keeping customers informed about the status of their delivery with Customer Notifications and Live Tracking Link.

Customer Notification Alerts

Based on your business needs, you can send alerts to your customers about important order updates. Through our automated notifications, you can let them know when the order is expected, if it will be early or delayed and then instantly share access to proof of delivery once the order is completed.

RouteManager One-Way SMS Text Messaging

Did you know that customers prefer getting updates via text messages?

  • Customers prefer SMS notifications 3-8x more than other communication channels
  • 89% of today’s consumers want to communicate with businesses through SMS
  • Only 48% of businesses are equipped to send text messages to their customers

How will Order Tracking with
One-Way SMS Text Messaging improve your business?

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Keeping your customers informed will give them a more satisfying experience

Generate More Revenue

  • Happy customers lead to positive word of mouth and, in turn, lead to more business

Gain A Competitive Edge

  • Implementing One-Way SMS Text Messaging will make your business stand out from the competition

Communicate Delivery Status

As an order is in progress, you can keep your customers updated about the status, give them access to location of the order and instantly provide access to the proof of delivery.

Order Status Customer Notifications
  • Send out customer notifications on the same day, next day, and two days before their order delivery
  • Send early and delayed order notifications along with notifications when the order is completed
  • One-Way SMS and Email Messages include real-time delivery ETA and location on map
  • Give customers instant access to proof of delivery after an order is completed

RouteManager Voice

Give your drivers the ability to call end customers privately through their Mobile App.

  • Notify customers about their upcoming delivery
  • Ask for additional information
  • Inform about a cancellation of a delivery

Choose from two RouteManager Voice options:

driver behavior image

Voice Basic

  • Calls will show driver and customer’s phone number
  • Calls can not be tracked through Route Manager
  • Available for any RouteManager account type
scorecards and coaching image

Voice Advanced*

  • Calls will not show driver and customer’s phone number
  • Call tracking and preference setup
  • Available for RouteManager 360 users with Communication Plan subscription
*RouteManager Voice Advanced will be initially available for North America only.

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