Last Mile and Fleet Management Software

Optimize your last mile deliveries, improve customer satisfaction, and gain visibility into your operations. Our last mile delivery and fleet tracking software was designed to save you not only time, but also money!

Routing is complex, but your software shouldn’t be.

From our usability to our all-inclusive pricing, we believe that the more straightforward our product is, the better. Why not pay less for more?

  • Pricing per vehicle
  • No add-on fees for optimization, reporting, or multiple locations
  • Unlimited route simulations
  • Free access to APIs
  • Easy, intuitive onboarding without disruption to your business
  • Features include:
    • Geocode addresses
    • Dispatch scheduler & grid
    • Predictive ETAs
    • Customer notifications
    • Driver Mobile App
    • Proof of delivery

Robust Routing Solution for Your Last Mile Needs

  • Flexible routing algorithm that adjusts with your business needs
  • Developer-friendly APIs to connect your software
  • Integration for thousands of apps with Zapier®
  • Detailed KPIs to allow for effective route planning
  • User-defined roles for back office management
  • Optimize up to 10,000 orders per day
  • Limit access to specific roads, highways and regions within a certain geographical area

Customer Notifications for Improved Satisfaction

  • Automated status updates keep the customer informed throughout the delivery process
  • The Driver Mobile App automatically syncs with the software and captures proof of delivery (photo, notes, and audio recording)
  • One-way SMS and email messages include a live tracking link with real-time delivery ETA and location

The improvement we have been able to make with day-to-day planning is a streamlined approach to how we build routes. Our routing complexity has decreased, making the overall process easier to train.”

- Kevin Cruz, Transportation Analyst, Good Eggs

Connect Your Software Solutions with Route Optimization through Our APIs

The RouteManager by WorkWave free and open API allows you to integrate with any software that your business depends on, including POS or eCommerce, Billing, CRM, and ERP systems.

  • Connect the power of RouteManager by WorkWave’s routing optimization with your other software solutions
  • Scalable with your business
  • Entirely HTTP-based
  • RESTful API
  • JSON formatted for structured data exchange
  • API communication is protected using TLS (latest version recommended)
  • Free and included with your RouteManager by WorkWave subscription

Get Started Right Away Without Any Disruption to Your Business

Our high touch Onboarding and Support teams will help you get started and will be there for you as you navigate your delivery operations.

Driver Mobile App & Virtual
Tracking for Full Visibility

  • Real-time route assignments
  • Delivery status
  • Barcode scanning
  • Proof of delivery capture (signature, photo, notes, and audio recording)
  • Driver tracking via Mobile App
  • Quickly and easily train drivers to use user-friendly Mobile App

See RouteManager by WorkWave In Action

These customers trust WorkWave for their last mile needs:

Pricing as low as $49 per month/per vehicle!

Automatically plan and optimize routes, streamline scheduling, and dispatch your drivers with ease.

Robust Algorithm

  • Routes are built based on your vehicle and order constraints and designed for cost and time efficiency

Driver Mobile App

  • Synced real time with planner interface for on-the-fly updates
  • Dispatch routes directly to drivers
  • Drivers capture delivery status

Easily plan your daily, weekly, or monthly routes, make real-time adjustments to schedules, and stay connected to your drivers while gauging performance with mobile tracking.

Includes all features from RouteManager plus:

Customer Notifications

  • Send customers delivery status updates with a Live ETA link via SMS text* or email messages

Enhanced Driver Mobile App Capabilities

  • Proof of delivery capture
  • Barcode scanning
  • Mobile tracking

*Additional fees for SMS text messaging plans.

Amplify your RouteManager experience and gain fleet visibility in real-time for real savings.

Includes all features from RouteManager plus:

In-Vehicle Device Tracking

  • Protect and monitor your fleet
  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
  • Receive alerts for vehicle misuse

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