Courier Route Planning Software Is Like a Good Insurance Plan

Set Yourself Up for Success with Help from WorkWave® Route Manager

Deliver on time with reliable and realistic plans that account for time-windows, traffic patterns and last minute requests

Receive alerts on progress with real-time updates synced to the office that report arrival and departure times

Ensure customer satisfaction and keep drivers organized by providing detailed notes, instructions, and updated requests via mobile app

Focus on customer service and exceed expectations with accurate arrivals and better plans

What Can WorkWave Route Manager Do For Your Couriers?

Ensure on time delivery

Accept last minute requests

Receive updated ETAs and confirmation on arrival

Get it right the first time

Limit the need to reschedule

Offer wide selection of time-windows

Provide exceptional customer service

Survey Says:

of Operations Managers
rank route planning as their
biggest challenge

* Results based on a 2016 WorkWave survey.

Use Route Manager to Keep Your Couriers on Schedule

  •  Drivers can document every stop and sync notes, photos, and signatures back to office

  •  Gain visibility on estimated time of arrival (ETAs)

  •  Accurately assign the right resource to the job

  •  Optimize your routes based on service requests and costs

  •  Integrate GPS tracking and driver behavior monitoring for 360 visibility on assets and increased fleet safety

  •  Manage pickup and deliveries with ease

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