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WorkWave Route Manager Suits a Variety of Industries – Here Are a Few Industries That Are Experiencing the Benefits of WorkWave Route Manager:



Home Delivery

Home delivery is demanding; planning for the last mile and white glove service takes time. WorkWave Route Manager makes it possible to plan around customer requests while remaining efficient and profitable.

  • Offer and commit to narrow time-windows
  • Receive real-time updates from drivers
  • Accept last minute orders

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Working in the distribution industry is challenging and route planning can often add to that pain. WorkWave Route Manager is flexible enough to schedule new orders every day while minimizing the chance of late arrivals and keeping your routes profitable.

  • Create more efficient and profitable routes
  • Confirm arrival & departure from the drivers
  • Easily respond to same-day requests


Route planning for your private fleet cuts out the added cost of a 3rd party and gives you more control of your product. Taking on this complicated responsibility is simple with WorkWave Route Manager.

Just upload your delivery addresses and settings, and we’ll do the rest for you.


Scheduling appointments is hard when you are juggling customer requests, time windows and missed services.

WorkWave Route Manager can help you minimize costs and keep an eye on the day’s progression.

  • Comply with time windows
  • Reschedule missed appointments
  • Assign the right resources


Staying on time for pick-up and drop-offs is crucial for Healthcare companies who provide transportation services. With WorkWave Route Manager 360 you can prevent missing appointments and focus on improving customer service.

  • Reschedule late pick-up requests from customers
  • Commit to tight time windows
  • Alert customers with ETAs if drivers are running behind schedule

B2B Waste & Recycling

Working around business schedules means you need to provide excellent service with flexible scheduling. Accepting last minute orders and committing to narrow time windows will put your waste or recycling service above competition.

  • Simple pick-up and drop off scheduling feature
  • Resource planning

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Field Services

WorkWave Route Manager compliments your existing order generating system. Take the guesswork out of scheduling and plan for last minute call-ins and route the best-fit technician.

Plan around set schedules and assign only available resources.

Field Sales

You might have 1,000 customers to see within 30 days. With so much ground to cover – where do you start first? Just set your constraints, assign a designated salesperson to their stops, and you’re done planning for the whole month within minutes!

  • Reschedule appointments when the customer is unavailable
  • Assign specific skills/traits for certain stops
  • Commit to narrow time windows

WorkWave Route Manager automates powerful route plans to simplify your day

Make smarter decisions, stay connected to your mobile workforce, and easily deliver last mile service.

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