GPS Routing & Tracking for Your Mobile Workforce

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Maximize Productivity with a Solution that Combines Route Planning and GPS Tracking via Smartphone

Need to stay connected to your drivers with added visibility into their schedules and exact locations? GPS tracking via smartphones and mobile devices helps you to monitor real-time driver location with updates every two-five minutes. Drivers download the iOS or Android app, open it, and you’re in business! Easy adoption with no installation so you can track and trace immediately.

Route Planning and Scheduling

Make better use of company-provided smartphones/tablets

You already provide your mobile workforce with smartphones or tablets to stay in touch with them or to provide them with their WorkWave® Route Manager software planned daily routes. Make better use of these assets by enabling GPS tracking, so you’ll know where your drivers are at any given point in time.

Mobile Route Planning

Improve customer satisfaction with accurate Live ETAs

Route Manager 360 with GPS integration provides accurate Live ETA updates based on the driver’s last GPS position. Now you can address delays in planned schedules by notifying your customer when a driver is behind (or ahead of) schedule. Respond in real-time to customer emergencies or last-minute changes to the schedule with an accurate look into your employee’s exact location.

Route Planning API

Compare “planned” to “actual” in the app

Download a convenient report at the end of the day to compare “planned” routes to “actual” routes and zero in with breadcrumb trails via GPS tracking if you need detailed location information. Identify gaps in your plans that need to be addressed or areas with growth potential.

Route Planning Proposals

Stay connected to your mobile workforce

You already dispatch planned routes for the day to your drivers. Now gain greater visibility into their progress through our convenient mobile app that enables GPS tracking and allows you to confirm that they are where they are supposed to be according to their planned route.

Route Planning API

Make real-time changes to driver schedules

Respond to last-minute changes in schedules and unexpected emergencies with a more accurate look on your employees’ locations. Dispatch changes directly to drivers’ mobile phones -- making your reaction time faster and easier for you, without distracting drives with phone calls!

Route Planning Proposals

Single screen integration with WorkWave Route Manager

Plan your daily driver routes and then track their progress, all from the same screen!

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