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WorkWave® Route Manager’s Proprietary Technology Does the Technical Grunt Work, Leaving You Free to Make the Human-Friendly Decisions That Matter Most

WorkWave Route Manager automates route planning for increased efficiency, improves communication between you & your fleet's drivers, and is completely customizable with the open API.

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Routing & Scheduling

WorkWave Route Manager makes navigating through time-window requests from customers, drivers' daily schedules and performance reporting possible. Just review the plan, make any adjustments with the simple drag-and-drop feature and send off the day’s schedule to your mobile workforce.

When you need an extra set of hands, WorkWave Route Manager analyzes your settings and provides optimal daily routes that never violate your constraints.

Mobile Route Planning

Mobile Execution

Go the extra mile after committing to routes by staying connected to your daily progression. WorkWave Route Manager 360 Mobile App will provide you with real-time updates from your fleet, making it easy to streamline communication right from the road to your dashboard.

When replanning or rescheduling is necessary, your dashboard will light up and alert you to take action. Now you can proactively contact customers with accurate ETA’s or request their availability for another date; improve customer satisfaction and become the office hero.

Real Time Changes

GPS Tracking

Stay connected to your mobile workforce in real-time with accurate, instant GPS tracking that provides an extra layer of visibility over your day. Locate your vehicles faster, react to requests smarter, and access historical GPS reports when you need them. Take your compared vs. actual reports to another level by adding GPS tracking to your route plans!

Route planning combined with live GPS tracking gives you the best of both worlds from one screen. Now you can build optimized schedules for the day from your Route Manager and view Live ETAs that give you accurate updates. As last mile demands grow, prepare your business with flexible GPS tracking options: vehicle device or mobile smartphone.

Route Planning API

Flexible API

WorkWave Route Manager’s API is powerful, simple and easy to integrate. With minimal technical assistance, you can easily connect any CRM, OMS, or WMS with the platform.

Seamlessly go about your day without any constraints or jumping from program to program. Our API was built to centralize your processes and accommodate your needs without any restraints.

WorkWave Route Manager automates powerful route plans to simplify your day

Make smarter decisions, stay connected to your mobile workforce, and easily deliver last mile service.

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