Customer Notification

Customer expectations are higher than they’ve even been. They want to be in the loop on when their delivery is arriving and uncertainty is not an option. With WorkWave Route Manager 360 you can provide your customers with the ability to get real-time driver ETAs and automated notifications. Enhance your customer experience by empowering them with arrival time transparency.

Click through the flowchart below to see how WorkWave Route Manager optimizes operations at every stage.

Customer Notification
Trigger Alerts

Based on your defined rules you can send trigger alerts to your customers about important events. Let them know imminent driver arrival or if their order needs to be rescheduled. Provide tracking for the last portion of the driver trip in a dedicated dynamic page.

Live Tracking

Provide transparency into arrival times with automated customer notifications and a live tracking link. Take the ambiguity out of when their delivery will arrive.

Cultivate a consistent customer experience

  • Use live ETA to respond to real-time incidents/changes
  • Send customer notifications like, order for today, status change of an order and immediate ETA notification

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