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Route, Execute and Re-optimize Your Entire Day

When managing and dispatching a large fleet or a few trucks, the goal remains the same: plan the best route for the day and keep vehicles on schedule. WorkWave Route Manager makes it possible to achieve optimal route plans that respect your settings while allowing you to make intraday updates to keep orders on track.

With WorkWave Route Manager software, you remain in control by monitoring daily progression with Execution, GPS tracking and API that integrates with your business. After the day is over, export your routes, analyze the data and improve tomorrow’s plans. Disptach software helps streamline your tasks and connect you to your fleet.

Optimize Dynamic Routes

Route planning has its challenges, luckily there is WorkWave Route Manager to help you do the heavy lifting. Enter your settings once and your routes will never violate time windows, working hours or any other cost factors. Assign vehicles with tags like “refrigerated” or “handicap accessible” and WorkWave Route Manager will intelligently match your orders to the correct resource.

Dispatch to Your Drivers

After routes are approved, send directly to each driver’s phone with WorkWave Route Manager’s mobile app or email via Excel or CSV file. Move on with your day and relax knowing that when your team hits the road they will have the approved route plan at their fingertips.

Need to make intraday changes to routes? WorkWave Route Manager 360 allows you to make changes in real-time and sync changes to your drivers from the software. It’s now possible to manage a dynamic environment while monitoring daily progression.

Analyze Data and Optimize for Tomorrow

Plan for tomorrow’s routes by exporting your routes and analyzing the planned vs. actual. Identify areas for improvement and make better decisions for tomorrow.
Then plan for growth with WorkWave Route Manager Simulations. Run “what-if” scenarios and discover how narrowing time-windows or increasing working hours can affect your plans. Start projecting for growth and have the data to back up your decisions.

Scheduling and dispatching routes starts with optimal plans. With WorkWave Route Manager’s route planning software, you have the power to build routes, make changes on the fly and view progress in real-time. Start the workday off with a solid plan that keeps your customers happy and creates a safer, more productive work environment.

WorkWave Route Manager automates powerful route plans to simplify your day

Make smarter decisions, stay connected to your mobile workforce, and easily deliver last mile service.

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