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How Route Planning Software Benefits Your Business

Whether you are focusing on growth, customer satisfaction, or are looking to free up your time – route planning software can be an easy (and quick) way to help you meet your goals. To find the right solution, you’ll need to review your current processes, identify any gaps, and define goals.

This Buyer’s Guide will help you understand the power and importance of a route planning software, how it can help your business succeed, and define what an optimal tool looks like. It will also help you prepare for vendor calls with quick tips, best practices, and checklists.

Routing Planning Software 101

What is Route Planning Software?

Route planning software (aka routing software, route automation, or route optimization) simplifies the complexities of scheduling orders for businesses. It is an automated process that uses maps and math to balance customer requests and business constraints, such as:

Time-windows assignments – so that you can set and meet customer expectations with on-time arrivals

Load capacities for vehicles – so that you never exceed weight/size limitations for your vehicles (IE, van 1 can hold 100 pallets)

Time capacities for drivers – so that your drivers will never work beyond the defined working hours (IE, set Driver 1 to work 7am- 3pm and Driver 2 to work 9am-5pm)

Special requests – automatically plan for needs like “driver must have government clearance”, “vehicle with gate lift”, or “customer needs it delivered by next Thursday”

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