Why GPS Tracking is Necessary for Every Delivery Business

The phrase “ignorance is bliss” isn’t an option when you’re managing a team of drivers and scheduling home deliveries. But, you can avoid being left in the dark and prevent your team from answering “I don’t know” to your customers again.

When you have live tracking enabled you gain immediate insight into your fleet’s performance. You can begin to manage your team with confidence and share visibility into your drivers’ locations.

Transparency is the key to a successful day.

The solution? A unified route planning and GPS tracking solution to help you stay connected and get in front of issues before they escalate into a spike in customer service calls, negative business reviews, or lost customers.

Real-time notifications and visibility not only allow you to make proactive decisions and manage customer issues — it gives your entire operations the tools to answer customers with precision. And, since your drivers are the last touch point with customers it’s critical to facilitating a positive customer experience, you need a 360 degree view.

WorkWave Route Manager gives you the ability to do all of this and more. Whether you’re at your desk, in the warehouse, or even on vacation you can use data to make smarter, proactive decisions.

What if you knew a driver was going to be late? You could make a call, communicate the issue, and apologize. To rectify the issue you can give accurate tracking information such as a driver’s current location or estimated arrival time.

What if you knew how an accident impacted your drivers entire day? You could replan and then dispatch changes directly to the driver. (And of course, notify your customers if there are any time-window violations.)

What if you were in the warehouse and received a call from a high priority customer asking where a driver was? You could jump into WorkWave: GPS Track app to instantly confirm location.

How is it all possible? By combining the power of optimized route planning with live GPS tracking. You can gain insight and can leverage:

  • WorkWave: GPS Track: The free iOS and Android compatible app gives 24/7 access to GPS tracking activity, information on events and alerts, and access to historical information.
  • Live ETAs: Remove the element of surprise and know where your drivers are and and more importantly, when they’ll arrive at their scheduled stops for the day.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Review KPIs and metrics that can help you push the needle for your operations. Learn where you have opportunities for growth and where you need to improve.

After your drivers depart for the day, unexpected issues can arise. Often times you have little to no control over these events. While you can anticipate rush hour or holiday traffic - it’s when accidents or bad weather wreak havoc over your day that real-time visibility comes in to save the day. With Route Manager you can make data-driven decisions for smarter, more dependable deliveries.

And if you’re a manager on-the-go don’t forget to download WorkWave: GPS Track, to keep an eye on performance and stay connected to your drivers’ locations throughout the day.

WorkWave: GPS Track is an easy-to-use GPS app that gives you 24/7 visibility from any location, from any device, at any time. It integrates with all WorkWave solutions and helps you to stay in control of your day. You’ll never lose sight of your driver’s location with tracking available at any time from any Android or iOS device. The free app allows you to:

  • View breadcrumb trail activity
  • Locate vehicle’s live or historical position
  • Visualize events (speeding, braking, vehicle on-off, etc.)

For more information on WorkWave: GPS Track visit our website. Existing WorkWave customer? Download the mobile app on your device from the App Store or Google Play.

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