Using Routing Software to Avoid Shipping Mishaps

Shipping accuracy and timing has become a top priority for consumers in recent years, as we move towards becoming an on-demand society. Mistakes in the shipping process can be costly for retailers, as the National Retail Federation predicts losses exceeding $333 million as a result of shipping errors during the 2017 holiday season.

Let’s explore these mishaps and how they can be avoided in the last mile .

Timing Matters

Just one poor delivery experience can severely damage a retailer’s reputation. A recent study by JDA found that nearly 80% of respondents would switch to an alternate online retailer following an unsatisfactory delivery experience. Delivery delays put retailers at risk of a potential loss of $1.2 billion each year. Leaving them walking on a proverbial tightrope between keeping profits up and satisfying the increasing demands of consumers.

Providing an on-time delivery may not always be possible, especially during the peak seasons where unexpected weather changes or traffic can delay planned deliveries. However, this doesn’t mean customers need to be left in the dark, wondering when their delivery will arrive. Through a combination of route planning software and GPS tracking you’ll have increased visibility with Live ETAs. When armed with this data you can choose to send customer alerts through third-party systems like Twilio. Providing real-time updates to customers regarding delivery times allows you to meet their demands and increase overall satisfaction.

Delivery in the last mile doesn’t have to be challenging, route planning software can help you avoid potential mishaps and keep customers satisfied. Not sure which software solution is right for you? Download our 2018 Buyer’s Guide to learn more.

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