Work Smarter, Not Harder with a Better Route Planning Solution

Want to do more in less time? You’re not alone. Over 85% of operations managers are looking for technology to help them do the heavy lifting and reduce overhead costs.

Finding a faster and smarter way to accomplish our work is no longer a pipedream. But where do you start with so many business tools on the market?

You can begin your search by focusing on the solutions that give you the quickest wins. This means fast start, ease of adoption, low cost, and instant ROI.

If you’re planning your routes manually, delivering around time-windows, or balancing customer requests then route planning software is a good place to start. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you move from pen and paper to the cloud.

With an all-in-one route planning and GPS tracking solution in place you’ll master your route plans, maximize productivity, and delight your customers.

So what else can you expect after you get started?

Drive Business Growth

When you are ready to expand or add a new depot, you can easily run a simulation to gain a better understanding of what resources you’ll need in order to support the expansion. It’s like a sandbox. You can run a scenario to see how many drivers you need to staff or how many orders/customers you need to be profitable.

Do More with Your Existing Resources

When you win more business, you don’t need to panic. You can easily balance deliveries among your drivers without batting an eye. In the click of a button, Route Manager has completed the task. Its plans are so efficient, that a typical business will serve up to 20% more orders each day with the same resources.

Get Back Time

Planning by hand can take hours. Like magic, route optimization software can simplify your day and build efficient plans for your entire team in minutes. This will not only free up your time spent planning, but it will speed up reporting, improve communication, and give you fast answers (like where are more drivers? Has this order been completed?).

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With GPS tracking that’s layered on top of your route plans, you get the whole picture. You know where drivers are and when they will arrive at their next stops. Plus, you can share “view only” access with your entire team - giving sales and customer support real-time visibility too.

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