How Home Delivery Operations Can Keep Drivers On Time and Customer Service Calls Down

If you’ve noticed your route plans falling short, it’s not unusual to notice a spike in customer service calls.

Afterall, as a home delivery operation you need to ensure drivers arrive on-time in order to keep customers happy. Fail to meet the time-window requests and it can result in angry phone calls - in addition to damaging your brand’s reputation.

Did you know?

Route planning software can help you meet and exceed customer expectations! By leveraging technology you deliver faster, more efficient and more reliable.

With Route Manager you have access to an all-in-one route planning and GPS tracking solution to help you master your routes. By cutting down on the time spent planning from hours to just a few minutes (because software does the heavy lifting and data crunching), you can work smarter. As a result you can expect to see a 30% increase in efficiency.

Your drivers will also love having access to a mobile app to organize their day. They can navigate from stop to stop with Waze, Google Maps, or any downloaded navigation app and can cut down on tedious paperwork.

Operations will find it much easier to communicate with their fleet on the road - and provide critical updates to their customers. Having control over your day and visibility into driver updates helps you cut down on the back-and-forth and provide everyone (from customers, service team and sales team) real-time updates.

Here’s how one home delivery business is using Route Manager to help their operations run smoother:

“Route Manager makes it easy for me to meet customer requests. Now I’m able to use APIs to automatically trigger text alerts to customers and give my team visibility on where a driver is throughout the day. This tool has drastically improved communication among several teams." - Michele Tillapaugh, Project Manager at Recker & Boerger

Learn more about how Recker & Boerger is keeping customers, drivers, and route planners happy with more efficient and reliable delivery schedules!

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