Working Smarter with Technology: Recapping the PMA Lightning Learning Lab

The WorkWave Route Manager team attended the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Connections Technology event in St. Petersburg, Florida. We had the unique opportunity to participate in their Lightning Learning Lab presentation. It was a day filled of learning, networking, and discussions around technology trends.

The produce industry is making huge advancements in terms of processes, preparing for labor shortage with robotics, and using blockchain technology. To stay profitable in an industry with tight margins - working smarter is the only way to survive.

As you begin to evaluate which technology is right for your operations, here’s a recap on what Dr. Bob Whitaker presented as the top 7 takeaways to keep in mind when you begin looking for new tools for your operations.

  1. Be willing to accept change - if not, your competitors will get ahead.
  2. Create your own awareness - because you’re never really done learning or improving!
  3. Find connections and engage - do what makes sense for your business. Collect feedback from peers, from customers, and stay connected to others.
  4. Evaluate and map - review your current processes, research ways to solve issues or improve, and take action.
  5. Check upstream and downstream
  6. Implementation - plan it out, understand it, and then run a pilot test.
  7. Assessment - evaluate the program, list out the key learnings, and discover where you missed the mark. This will keep you constantly innovating and moving ahead!

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