Maintain Visibility Over Your Vehicles When You’re On the Go

Do you ever find yourself in any of these scenarios, due to lack of trust or visibility into your day?:

  • “I need to be able to track my team when I’m not in the office”
  • “I want to manage my day with confidence”
  • “I’m going on vacation --- can I trust my team?”

If you want to quickly locate your drivers at a moment’s notice, there’s one sure-fire solution - GPS tracking.

When you are busy between fielding customer complaints, tracking down requests, and reacting to emergency situations - live tracking can help you manage your day more effectively.

With GPS Tracking enabled, you can:

  • Confirm driver and vehicle location 24/7
  • Protect your business
  • Increase accountability
  • Monitor driver behavior

From day one, you’ll feel empowered with a trusted technology that gives you increased coverage and peace of mind. Because when you have vehicles on the road, it’s vitally important to know your driver’s exact location at any given moment. This helps you give confident answers to customers and maintain control when you’re not in the office

Don’t worry about tracking after work hours. You can continue tracking via a mobile app that reports on live activity at anytime, from anywhere.

WorkWave: GPS Track is an easy-to-use GPS app that gives you 24/7 visibility when you are on the go. You’ll stay in control of your day with and never lose sight of your driver’s location with tracking available at any time from any Android device (iOS coming soon).

A GPS mobile app goes with you and allows you to:

  • View breadcrumb trail activity
  • Instantly confirm vehicle position
  • Access driver behavior events
  • Visualize events (speeding, braking, vehicle on-off, etc.)

GPS Tracking makes it easy to manage through the day:

  • Check-in whenever, wherever: when you have the answers at your fingertips.
  • Don’t feel strapped down to your desk: be mobile and run your day with more flexibility.
  • Confirm if an alert is mission critical or if can wait: drill into the details on any alerts and take action when needed.
  • Be a better manager: no one likes to be micromanaged, so instead of calling for a location update - you have the information available 247/!

So now, when you’re heading to the warehouse, taking a lunch break, or relaxing on the beach…you can have peace of mind. See more, know more, do more with WorkWave GPS.

WorkWave: GPS Track is now available on the Google Play store, download it today!

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