WorkWave Route Manager: 2017 Year in Review

This year has seen a whirlwind of advances in the world of last-mile delivery and services. As the industry grows and changes, so does WorkWave Route Manager. Throughout 2017 our team introduced a variety of updates, continuing our goal of providing our route planning software customers with the best support and products to help make their day easier as customer expectations rise.

Read on as we recap some of 2017’s most memorable releases.

Live ETAs

One of 2017’s most exciting updates was the introduction of Live ETAs. This allows you to know when drivers will arrive at any future stop and run your operations with accuracy. This saves you time, eliminates the need to call drivers for status updates, and gives you a real-time look into how your day is running.

Every minute, Route Manager will check your driver’s position and update all estimated times of arrival (ETAs) based on their current GPS location. Managers, sales teams, and customer support reps can use Live ETAs to provide customers with the most accurate updates and finally answer “when will your driver arrive?”


Add Balance to Your Routes

If you want to split up your orders among your drivers, you can now do so quickly with the Minimum Requirements setting. This allows you to balance the workload and keep things fair among your drivers.

Here’s how you can balance your routes:

  • Working hours - for example, each driver should work “7.5 hours”
  • Number of stops - for example, each driver will have at least 20 stops for the day
  • Load capacity - for example, each vehicle is loaded with at least 40 pallets

Dashboard Analytics

Accessing KPIs and benchmarking your team’s performance helps to identify areas of opportunity -- and also where you can improve. The Analytics Dashboard generates routing reports on demand to help you make data-driven decisions. Adjust your routes, coach specific drivers, and generate powerful results. Unlock the secrets to success and improve your strategy in 2018 and beyond.


Assisted time-in/time-out

Set alerts to automatically notify your drivers to time in when approaching the customer location and/or to time out when leaving. This is enabled through Route Manager’s mobile app.

Proposals API

Timing is everything and customers are looking to have more control over delivery times. With Route Manager’s APIs you can now present the option to schedule deliveries during the checkout process - giving your customers options to enhance their experience. You can review the API documentation here.

GPS Tracking Updates

The ELD Mandate went into effect on December 18th. To help our customers who were impacted stay compliant we’ve added an electronic logging device (ELD) solution. This provides quick access to a Hours of Service (HoS) and other reports, eliminates paperwork, and reduces risk of violations or fines.

Having the ability to plan and track your vehicle’s activity not only compliments your plans - it also unlocks metrics within your analytics dashboards. If you are interested in tracking your team learn more about our all-in-one solution.

Ongoing Algorithm Updates

Our team of engineers, mathematicians, and developers are dedicated to improving our algorithm's results. Behind the scenes, we have run over 11,000,000 optimizations that resulted in efficient, faster, and powerful routes for our customers.

As 2017 comes to a close we would like to thank our customers for another amazing year, you’ve played a vital role in our accomplishments. We look forward to to providing the best product and support for you in 2018 and beyond.

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