25 Ways Route Planning Software Will Improve Your Day

As any business owner knows, it can be extremely easy to get stuck in a routine. However, the dangerous cycle of “this is how it’s always been done” can be detrimental to company revenue and customer satisfaction. If your company is still using pen and paper to plan routes you are wading into risky territory.

Depending on the complexity of your routes, geography, road network, and customer requests -- manually route planning can become a daunting task. Not only is it inefficient and time consuming, it puts you at risk of failing to meet customer expectations.

Read on as we explore how route planning software will make your day easier, while increasing customer satisfaction and providing instant ROI.

  1. Manage Your Day Proactively

  2. After your vehicles depart you may think the day is out of your control and you cross your fingers hoping it all pans out according to the plan. Obviously, you can’t predict accidents or breakdowns, but you can build a solid plan for the day and confirm live ETAs (estimated time of arrival) with gps tracking enabled. This will provide you with up-to-the-minute visibility on driver arrival times.

    With real-time updates, you can provide a courtesy call if you anticipate late arrival or ask to reschedule. Your customers will appreciate the advance notice.

  3. Win More Business

  4. As customer expectations continue to rise it may seem impossible to commit to delivery windows and keep up with on-demand orders. Automation tools like routing software allow you to stay competitive and generate more sales.

    With 85% of consumers wanting express shipping options, this presents an opportunity for you to differentiate your business offerings. It’s possible with a cloud-based solution supporting you in the background. You can easily fit in orders until you’re ready to load your vehicles and dispatch updates in real-time.

  5. Plan Around Requests

  6. Make and keep commitments - easily. Then assign the orders to the most efficient resource in the click of a button. You’ll find yourself saying “yes, we can do that!” more often and can minimize frustration for your team and customers at the same time.

  7. Keep Your Customers Happy

  8. 76% of consumers today will switch to a competitor if you provide a poor home delivery experience. Are you keeping an eye on how your team is performing?

  9. Get There On Time

  10. Build efficient route plans that take into account the following details:

    • Hour of day (morning and afternoon rush hour)
    • Day of the week (Tuesday vs. Sunday?)
    • Time of year (holidays or busy season)
    • Traffic patterns
    • Road closures (road work, shutdowns)
    • Vehicle speed (heavy truck vs. motorcycle)

  11. Accurately Confirm Delivery/Service

  12. Transparency on driver location, order status, as well as arrival/departure times is important information to provide to your CSRs (customer service representatives). This allows them to confidently respond to requests and builds your brand’s trust.

  13. Plan (Every Vehicle) Efficiently

  14. When planning for multiple vehicles, it’s important to take into account all available resources and constraints. If you’re only planning for one vehicle at a time, this is referred to as “sequencing” and not true route planning.

    Smart route planning software inherently builds your routes based on your entire fleet, creating an optimized plan. What’s better than knowing you're running at maximum efficiency?

  15. Instantly Locate Your Drivers

  16. Do you know where your drivers are once they dispatch for the day? Easily confirm location, collect status updates, and know exactly where your vehicles are with a combined GPS trackingand route planning tool.

    • Record arrival and departure times
    • Confirm vehicle location 24/7
    • Compare the “planned” vs. “actual”
    • Collect proof of delivery

  17. Be More Strategic

  18. Are you reviewing your fleet’s performance to make future improvements? With routing software and GPS tracking you can analyze KPIs, set benchmarks, and hold your team more accountable.

  19. Turn Any Team Member into a Logistics Pro

  20. With the click of a button you can turn any team member into a logistics pro and increase your operational efficiency by 30%. This also gives you peace of mind if your route planner is out of the office and someone needs to fill in!

    We’ve only just begun to explore the many ways route planning software can positively benefit your company and your customers. Ready to learn more? Click here to unlock the full list.

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