Using Routing Software to Take on Your Competitors

Running a business in the home delivery space can be overwhelming. You’ve got to worry about hiring the right people, keeping your customers happy, expanding your offerings, and more. With growth on the horizon and competition growing fast, you desperately need to find a way to keep up. Seems daunting, right?

There’s one way you can immediately stand out from the competition - by simply evaluating how you plan your routes. If your current process involves paper or spreadsheets then chances are you are spending too much time on route planning. It can be a painful, inefficient process that isn’t scalable and could be hindering your growth.

Plan Smarter, Not Harder

Chances are, you’re not a logistics expert and if you are scheduling around customer requests and other constraints it’s nearly impossible to build an optimal plan on your own. It can easily take hours to plan your drivers’ schedules...not to mention handling the stress of making changes on the fly to accommodate customer needs.

Last mile delivery businesses can leverage cloud-based routing programs that plan routes quickly and efficiently. Within minutes you can review and approve plans, then dispatch directly to your drivers via a mobile app. (Bonus - your drivers can click orders and navigate to stops right from their phone.)

You’ll save time in your day and minimize frustration by leveraging a route planning tool that is configurable and fits right into your current workflow.

Monitor Your Fleet with GPS Tracking

When managing a fleet you want to know where your drivers are at all times. Whether it’s to improve your planning or provide customers with status updates - having visibility makes managing your day easier and keeps you in control.

Let’s say you’re delivering in the food and beverage space. You have to meet the commitments you’ve made to your customers and need a way to grab quick status updates. Ever thought about installing GPS systems in your fleet of vehicles? They’re simple to use, and can provide instant confirmation. Additional benefits include live vehicle tracking, extending your vehicle’s lifetime, and improving employee accountability. Now when you have a customer inquiry on service or time of delivery, with GPS installed you can react and respond in real-time to alleviate the situation.

GPS tracking systems give you the ability to monitor idle time, unapproved vehicle usage and other metrics that can allow you to identify potential problems before they get out of hand. You can even set up alerts that will immediately notify you when a driver is speeding excessively or enters an unauthorized location. This crucial data keeps your business running smoothly and keeps everyone on the road safer.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

You need to find ways to give your customers what they want - instant gratification and 5-star service. Route optimization software can help you extend your offerings with minimal effort. Now when customers ask for ETAs or request last minute delivery, you can meet their needs and go above and beyond for them.

WIth real-time visibility you now have the data needed to give customers live ETAs, taking the guesswork out of figuring out when a delivery will arrive. This also means you have the ability to inform customers if a delivery is arriving outside of the originally scheduled window. Time is precious, vehicle location and driver status will cut down on guesswork and give instant confirmation.

If you want to stand out amongst your competition it’s time to start doing things differently. By implementing routing software your business will run smoother, customers will be happier, and your profits will increase. Who doesn’t want that?

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