4 Reasons Why You Need Visibility on Driver Arrival Times

When you are planning for deliveries or service times, you are well aware that your customer’s main concern is “when will you be here?”. Thanks to Uber, this idea of having a continuously updated estimated time of arrival (ETA) has spoiled consumers with a luxury and has quickly become an expectation. Scheduling same-day requests and confirming a driver’s arrival is not a pipedream anymore. Instead, it’s simply a necessity to get ahead of the competition and stay relevant.

Live ETAs are updated 1x/minute based on the exact location of driver, alerting you when you are behind schedule and giving you peace of mind when the day is running smoothly.

So how can you keep up? One solution is to utilize route planning and GPS tracking. By combining them together, you can build accurate route plans and keep an eye on arrival times. You’ll have more control and power over your day.

Here’s how visibility on driver's arrival times can help you overcome the challenges that come your way:

Providing More Transparency to Your Customers

It’s safe to say your call volume spikes when your driver is late which means the expectation hasn’t been met and your customers are left in the dark. To help reduce friction and improve the customer experience you can provide an accurate ETA based on GPS location data. You can also choose to send alerts through 3rd party systems (like Twilio) to share important updates like “driver is 15 minutes away”. Your customers will thank you for the extra level of transparency!

No More Guessing If There Is Traffic or Another Issue

GPS lets you view where your driver is at any given moment, but it’s the automated update on arrival time that solves the larger problem. When you can view live ETAs from field you gain an understanding on how your driver’s exact location could impact the rest of the day and when arrivals for the rest of the day are projected. Relying on phone calls, texts, emails from your drivers can get messy. Live ETAs can confirm if the driver is held behind and put the answers right in front of you.

Have Confidence When You Provide Updates

To piggyback off transparency, it’s just as important to improve your accuracy! Relying on manual updates from the road are a step in the right direction, but with GPS backed Live ETAs you have a more reliable way of getting the information you need. After all, we all know what happens when you assume right? To avoid any headaches or confusion, use real-time data to run your business.

Meet Same Day Challenges

Consumers either want it faster or at a convenient time. Both can be done with a mixed-demand approach, managing pre-planned orders while taking in last minute requests at the same time. The secret to success here is assigning the orders at the right time and to the right resource; to make same day optimal you’ll want to plan around your driver’s most recent position. With the right approach you can accept same day requests, plan with confidence, and make sure you are meeting expectations.

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