Survive and Thrive During Busy Seasons

Right now it’s the height of the busy season and whether you’re sinking or swimming you know that in order to keep up the pace for the next holiday season improvements must be made and change is critical.

To paraphrase Sun Tzu, while you’re in the midst of chaos, remember it’s one of the greatest moments for opportunity! It’s time to address what’s working, and what’s not. Note the pitfalls as you’re tripping, and where you can see room for improvement.

Customer demands are increasing and believe it, or not, everyone’s competing with the mindset of Amazon as customers expect more and more access to options, speed and transparency. Here are some of the changes that logistics companies must make so they don’t lag behind or get swallowed by the competition.

Tighter Integration

A cloud-based central hub of shared information enables a harmonious orchestration of the supply chain from supply, to online order, to delivery or customer pick-up. Logistics needs to become more tightly connected to the order management system to facilitate faster and better demand responsiveness.

Greater Visibility

The only way to keep on top of dynamic changes in demand is to know your capabilities at all times - it’s essential to get real-time updates to ensure you consistently meet planned deliveries and maximize your response time when orders change. Real-time tracking technology keeps everyone updated throughout the delivery process. The ability to review existing deliveries in real-time gives you unprecedented control to make route adjustments that are good for you and your customers.

Scale for Success

Innovate and scale your business to compete. Leverage your current performance data to predict, plan and scale to meet future demand. Your company must adapt to change with speed and simplicity. It’s no longer a question of acting alone.

Intelligent Use of Data

To handle the range of flux in sales and returns created by the busiest seasons there’s got to be a symbiosis of technology and human power. Customer satisfaction, and business competence soars when there’s harmony between human intellect and computer automation. You know your business and any restrictions, quirks in the routes and busy times - let the computer algorithms figure out the rest.

You know, your priority is to keep your service levels as high as possible regardless of the drastic changes in the busy seasons - and that relies on accurate predictive planning and tighter collaboration and engagement with customers from order to delivery. Right now, it’s time to identify flaws in your current delivery model, anticipate demands for the next crazy busy surge, and manipulate your strategy to manage necessary changes for success.

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