Tech Tips to Overcome Workforce Challenges

Anyone who runs a business with last mile delivery operations knows that the marketplace is becoming more competitive. Consumers have options to price-check online, they want the ability to choose how and when they receive their goods or service, and new trends are always popping up. Not to mention, you need to deal with issues like minimum wage increases, fuel taxes, new legislation, and more. These constantly changing factors impact how you consistently deliver quality service and keep customers happy. Ensuring that a multitude of tasks and operations run smoothly to accomplish all of your daily goals can be a huge challenge that at times is out of your control.

What you can control is pickup and delivery processes while managing customer care, driver safety, route performance, and service offerings. You determine which of these areas of the operation need to be prioritized and optimized. If your business is facing any of the following challenges, it may be time for you look to integrated technology solutions for some help.

Reallocation of Resources

Things happen throughout the day that are unanticipated and unpredictable, throwing off scheduled routes. There could be a shortage of drivers but the customer’s pick up and delivery needs must be managed regardless so, to stay in the game, you’ll need to maximize your available resources to meet expectations.

Tech tip: Use an advanced algorithm, such as Route Managers’, to handle unexpected curve balls and seamlessly continue your day’s routing efficiently.

Higher Customer Service Expectations

With the rise of technology comes the rise in customer expectations. The pressure to respond to inquiries/orders faster, satisfy tighter time windows, deliver on time and do it all correctly the first time has never been greater.

Tech tip: Use a software with a mobile app that allows you to stay connected with your mobile workforce throughout the day, allowing you to quickly identify and solve any issues before they affect your customers.

Managing Operational Costs

Not only are consumer demands on the rise, so are operational costs. Keeping operational costs under control, getting full visibility into daily operations and using resources to their full capacity is imperative.

Tech tip: Look for software with Route Simulation features to help answer “what if” scenarios and provide data on how route changes will affect your bottom line.


The competition is getting fierce! Customers have more choices out there and more ways to find your competitors, so companies are not only challenged to keep existing customers, but also to find new ones as quickly as possible.

Tech tip: Couple your Route Planning Software with a GPS tracking solution, to gain 360 visibility into your workforce, allowing you to meet your customer’s expectations head on.

Keeping Drivers Happy

Finding good drivers is difficult. The company needs to provide them with the tools to make their day easier, bring down their drive times and minimize their paperwork by letting them concentrate on the job they were hired to do and keep the customers happy.

Tech tip: Look for a solutions with features, like proof of delivery with mobile signature and driver notes, to make your driver’s days easier.

Integration Challenges

Integrating 3rd Party solutions can be a long, drawn out and expensive task. There are a ton of solutions out there, the company needs to find one that fits their needs and won’t require extensive integration efforts.

Tech tip: Look for user-friendly software with free (or affordable) support. Having well-trained employees will ensure you are maximising the benefits your software offers.

Overcome These Challenges with Route Manager

For the most part, technology has now allowed for businesses of all sizes to automate and communicate more efficiently. It has enabled companies to use integrated business software solutions, mobile field service applications and mobile routing software to not only overcome but triumph over these challenges. To effectively control costs and provide exceptional service to customers, your company should be exploring these new technology solutions and integrating them into your operations.

Learn more about how Route Manager can help you overcome these challenges by effectively managing the last mile, establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage, while generating new and repeat business. Call us today at 866-295-5095

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