Fast Shipping for Faster Sales

Black Friday - you either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that there’s something magical when it hits! The holiday season officially kicks off - and the average consumer is prepared to open their hearts (and wallets) to spend $935 on gifts for friends and family.

However, when you are behind the logistics and creating the plans to deliver to consumers’ expectations some of the magic of the season is lost in the hustle and bustle to deliver on time.

Our recommendation for success for this holiday season:

  1. Be on time: Commit to a realistic timeframe and then deliver, or else you could disappointment your customers. Make sure that you are planning your orders smart and keep your customers updated on arrival.
  2. Communicate: Cut-off dates, late shipping, lost packages, or unserved orders need to be clearly communicated to your customers as soon as possible. Every second matters and without frequent updates you could risk creating a bad name for your business.
  3. Get those early orders in now: Guaranteeing delivery by December 23rd is much easier to do when you have advanced notice to plan. You can encourage early orders by offering coupon codes, discounts, and other incentives that will push an early purchase!
  4. Don’t make any drastic changes: Now is not the time to change your processes. Make sure that you have a steady plan, work through it with your team, and then look to January to make improvements.
  5. Analyze performance from last year: Take a look to see how you did last year. Did you complete all of your orders? Where were there gaps in your plans? Do you need to hire another driver in order to deliver on time? Reviewing last year is a great way to avoid any pitfalls.

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