Environmental Awareness – The Unexpected Benefits Associated with Route Management

“It’s not easy being green” - or is it? For many businesses, being green may also have an unexpected economic benefit.

Most of us have already incorporated various facets of environmental awareness into our day-to-day personal lives, from recycling to ridesharing. But, in reality, how much of our environmental consciousness has actually spread to the corporate world? There are mandates, including the increasing number of laws around carbon footprints, but it’s rare — perhaps, even non-existent to find real initiatives in which being environmentally-friendly directly benefits the bottom line. Being green, especially at the corporate level can also be financially rewarding.

Here's How...

It’s simple, drive less!

What if your drivers could drive tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of miles less per year? Depending on the specific vehicles you drive, driving less could save thousands of gallons of gas! While current gas prices may have flattened out over the last few years, it’s still a big part of your operational expense.

For many transportation organizations, reducing gas bills alone would be extremely impressive. When you factor in the savings on highway and bridge tolls, wear and tear on vehicles and other maintenance-related costs, the savings can be downright staggering.


How do we do it?

Scheduling and routing software can make a real difference. An efficient schedule can result in less driving time and more work time. Companies that work on improving their scheduling see increased efficiency ranging from 10% to even more than 50%. Using a routing software, like WorkWave Route Manager, can ensure you’re building the most efficient routes. You can choose to set drive-mile limits, drive times and associated mileage costs. Each of these types of settings will directly affect the results of the schedule. KPI calculators will help you understand the total cost and incremental savings associated with any manual override for the most economic and environmentally friendly decisions.

Even a perfect route won’t help your company if it isn’t executed correctly. Ensure your drives are following your routes by using a solution that can help you track vehicles in real-time. With Route Manager, all route details can be pushed in real-time to our Android or iOS mobile applications. The mobile application and complimentary GPS tracking (Smart Phone or Vehicle tracked), can show administrators if their drivers are following the planned route. The benefit of route planning both in terms of economic and environmental rewards are only meaningful if the plans are executed as expected!

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