WorkWave Route Manager Wins the SaaS Award

Each year, the SaaS Awards program (partnered with the Cloud Awards) recognizes cloud solutions that are driving innovation and excellence all over the globe. We’re proud to announce our transportation and logistics solution – WorkWave Route Manager has been named one of the best in-class providers.

We were named as the recipient in the category Best SaaS Product for Shipping, Inventory or, Vehicle Logistics. This award specifically highlights WorkWave Route Manager’s fully integrated route planning and telematics solution, which enables field service and last-mile delivery companies to stay connected with every aspect of the planning phase, all within a single user interface.

Our route management solution makes it possible to manage your mobile workforce throughout the day, all while planning future routes. Route Manager helps ease the pain for companies of every size with a platform that allows: real-time planning, business growth and improved efficiency. Providing a tool that keeps the office connected to its employees’ status and alerts them when customer orders are at jeopardy is paramount to improving business operations.

As a whole, WorkWave’s solutions have been designed to ease the pain that last-mile service providers face day-in and day-out, by improving communication and simplifying complicated tasks. Putting our end-users’ needs first is what drives our strategy and anticipating their customers’ demands helps keep us ahead of the curve.

In just a year, we’ve integrated route planning, GPS tracking and a mobile app into our route planning solution – giving our customers complete visibility in a way that no other solution can. Route Manager makes it easy to get ahead in today’s on-demand world - while providing a 5-star customer experience!

For more information, read the full press release here.

About the SaaS Awards

Since 2011, the SaaS Awards recognize businesses who have differentiated themselves in the market as industry leaders. The Shipping, Inventory, or Vehicle Logistics category is one of 13 categories recognized by the SaaS Awards.

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