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WorkWave® Route Manager can help you review and analyze the day’s activities with side-by-side planned vs. actual data so you can improve and optimize your multi stop route plans utilizing our software.

Each day, you build custom-planned routes, using your specified resources and constraints, including number of drivers, work hours, time windows, skill levels, and breaks. With WorkWave Route Manager, you can take it a step further and get the complete picture -- at the end of the day export the day’s route plans and compare the “planned” route to “actual” route details. You’ll have all the information you need to identify issues and trends and make necessary adjustments to future planned routes. This way, everyone wins – you, your drivers, and best of all, your customers.

improve driver retention

Improve Driver Retention

Facilitate driver efficiency so that the day runs with fewer calls/questions to your mobile workforce, allowing drivers to stay focused and on schedule. With WorkWave Route Manager 360 real-time updates sync back to the office so that you can answer immediate questions and at the end of the day you can pull a report with check-ins, check-outs, proofs of delivery and other details. With this information available planners can build more trust with drivers, recognize when employees may need additional coaching to help them stay on schedule, and make impactful changes to route plans.

improve customer satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Actual data analysis helps you address any issues in route plans and as a result improve customer satisfaction with on-time delivery/service. You can review and evaluate trends to uncover and resolve problem areas within our software. Is the driver always running late? Are certain times of day more problematic in a specific area? Was enough time allotted for each stop? Do certain customers require more attention?  (Identifying trends like these help you improve route plans, driver performance and customer satisfaction, making you the hero!

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With WorkWave Route Manager, you can avoid customer service issues and prevent frustrated drivers. Simply export reports to confirm service or delivery to settle any customer disputes. Or adjust time windows if they are too short or too long. Make better business decisions for better operations – and quickly generate the on-demand reports your boss needs to stay in the know!

Take the guesswork out of multi stop route planning with our software. WorkWave Route Manager makes you a pro!

WorkWave Route Manager automates powerful route plans to simplify your day

Make smarter decisions, stay connected to your mobile workforce, and easily deliver last mile service.

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