PestPac: What’s New for Spring 2018

In our last product update An Inside Look at PestPac, we took you through the thought process behind new features, from concept to release. As our development team works hard to bring advanced features and functionality to PestPac; our ongoing surveys, focus groups, and usability tests help shape what’s to come with PestPac in the coming months.

As we dive into Q2, we wanted to update our customers about the recent enhancements made and upcoming features coming to PestPac later this year.

Now Available:

PestPac Mobile 3

Performance Updates

We’ve made enhancements to Mobile 3 optimizations to improve overall performance and reduce the memory usage of the app. We have also made drastic improvements for Locations that have complex areas and devices.

Track Conditions

You now have the ability to create and manage facility conditions, attach pictures, share technician notes with customers via the CustomerConnect portal, or share customer notes with technicians via PestPac Mobile 3.


Our new commercial portal allows you to provide a higher level of service to your commercial customers, allowing them to access important documents and reports, request service and pay invoices from their phone, tablet, or computer.


Available within CustomerConnect+, Logbook allows you to organize, store, and track the most important documents and inspection reports for your commercial clients. Here’s some of the new and improved features available:

  • Facility and Auditor Access to Pest Inspection Logs
  • Area and Device Level Trend Reports
  • Pest Sightings Logs
  • Detailed Activity Reporting

Customers with CustomerConnect+ receive 2 Logbook licenses with their subscription! Additional licenses can be purchased as needed.

Threshold Alerts

Easily set alerts in a PestPac Lookup Table to notify customers that their Location has exceeded the predetermined Pest Activity Threshold. Alerts can be configured for the following levels of pest activity:

  • Define the pest
  • Define capture quantity
  • Define the time limit
  • Assign to location types

Coming Soon:

Commercial Features:

  • Automated Action Plans
  • Create pest activity triggers (thresholds) based on service agreements and create actionable plans that comply with set terms. Enforcing protocol and ensuring you’re compliant is easy with the ability to customize rules and assignments, and track task completion vs deadlines.

  • Diagrams with Heatmaps
  • Easily view a “living map” of Devices, Conditions, and Pest Activity with the ability to visualize trends based on historical references over time. Heatmaps will allow you to show pest activity trending, condition markers to give context to potential source of pest activity, and temporary trap markers show remediation steps in action.

  • Smart Trap Integration
  • We’re working with 3rd party trap providers to help increase service efficiency through advanced sensor and web technologies. Sensor enabled traps installed at a customer’s facility will continuously self-monitor and automatically relay messages from the traps to PestPac. Once you’re notified that the trap has been activated, you can take action with Tasks or follow-up Service Orders. You’ll also have the ability to audit Locations and Devices via historical record queries.

Sales Assistant Update:

We’re in the process of making a few updates to our Sales Assistant Module. Its responsive layout will make it easy to embed on your website or link from your website. Your customers will have the ability to request service, select a service type based on your recommendations, and schedule a date and time.

RouteOp Update:

While we’ve made some updates to RouteOp over the past year, we’re not done yet! We’re in the process of making it a more visual optimization tool to give a better idea of the logic behind the system and allow you to make subtle adjustments to better meet the needs of customers, while increasing technician efficiency.

Things to Watch For:

Over the next few weeks, we’ll invite select users to take part in a survey about PestPac Usability via in-app or email. We’ll also be visiting various states for in-person focus groups in the coming months. Check our events page often for upcoming dates and locations!

Stay tuned for future installments in this series detailing recent releases and upcoming products. For more information on PestPac’s features and functionality, visit PestPac University!

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