Keeping Track of Your Company’s Vehicles

As a pest control business owner, you know how many trucks your company has and who is driving them on a regular basis. But do you always know where they are and how they’re being used? As one of your most expensive assets, wouldn’t it be nice to know they’re taken care of during and after business hours?

When researching your GPS tracking options, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of tracking your technicians through a mobile device vs in-vehicle tracking with hardwired or plug-in devices.

Tracking via Mobile Device

If you decide to track your vehicles through your technicians’ mobile device, keep in mind that you’re not tracking the actual vehicles, you’re tracking the mobile device. While mobile app tracking allows you to see where your technicians are located through a device they already have, you’re not actually tracking your vehicles.

Tracking via Hardwired or Plug-in Devices

If you decide to track your vehicles through hardwired or plug-in devices, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re tracking your actual vehicles. While purchasing hardware is an additional cost, you’ll know exactly where your vehicles are located, alongside scheduled stops and have the ability to set up geofence, speeding, excessive idling, hard braking, cornering and acceleration alerts.

Not only is it important to track your vehicles for safety and security reasons, but for advertising and branding purposes as well. Whenever one of your branded vehicles pulls onto the road, potential customers see your brand. If your technicians are driving aggressively, they’re not making a good impression, putting your business at risk.

Did you know?

  • The average amount a crash costs an employer is $16,000. - NHTSA
  • 80% of crashes are the result of distracted driving. - NSC
  • 26% of crashing involve cell phone use. - NSC
  • 27% of motor vehicle fatalities involve speeding. - IIHS

Regardless if you have 2 trucks or a fleet of 200, tracking your vehicles in real time 24/7 will help you make informed choices to run your business more effectively. Are you ready to track some of your most prized possessions, improve your technicians’ driving habits, and get more business? Click here to learn more about PestPac’s GPS & Driver Behavior.

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