The Danger of Ignoring Your Lead Forms

In our latest guest blog, Technical Training Specialist Mike Christ explores the dangers of not utilizing a lead management solution for your pest control business. Are you ignoring leads without even realizing it? Read on to find out.

So many service providers have lost their chance to welcome my business because they ignored the form I filled out on their site.

If you ignore form submissions, but rely heavily on emails - you’re missing an opportunity for more business.

I understand why businesses find email an appealing method for capturing leads. It’s wonderful because you can work from your phone, respond quicker, and be on top of your day. But that only works if you get the email or if one of your sales reps got the email and opened it. If you aren’t properly managing the leads submitted, it’s all for naught!

You may not intend to ignore leads but you’re inadvertently doing just that. Far too often, emails disappear into the ether even though they say they were delivered. Trust me – I’ve seen it happen.

Don’t depend solely on email for your leads. Your leads should go somewhere where you can track them. They need to go somewhere where you can say how long they were sitting un-answered. You need to be able to drive accountability for when your leads come in and who takes them. A robst lead tracking dashboard can help ensure leads aren't slipping through the cracks and everyone is responded to in a timely fashion.

Then, figure out how long it takes for you to make contact. How can you make it faster? The thing is, you can’t run that sort of number if you’re depending on email unless you also happen to have a background in data analysis and the patience to run some pivot tables in Excel. Otherwise, you should have your leads feed into a CRM software.

If I filled out a contact form on your website, you can bet I filled out contact forms for several of your competitors. Someone will answer me. Someone will offer me a quote. Someone will take my money.

Make sure that someone is you. Make sure that someone is one of your employees. Don’t leave your sales to chance - track where your leads go and hold yourself accountable.

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